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Home Page before(6)Xeriscaping is a wonderful way to improve the look of your yard, and this type of landscaping design provides you with several other important benefits. This is a natural type of design that utilizes native vegetation coupled with rock and stone designs. Generally, because the plants used in the design are native to the area, they largely can thrive in your yard without the need to water them on a regular basis. They will adjust to the natural rainfall that your yard receives, and this can help you to save money on your water bill.

More than that, xeriscaping also is a low-maintenance style of landscaping design that effectively can help you to save time and energy on your lawn chores. One of the regular aspects of yard maintenance relates to mowing and trimming the lawn. Because there is little to no grass in this style of design, you will not need to worry about mowing the lawn every week. With the many benefits associated with xeriscaping, you will see that this is the style of landscaping design that you want to incorporate into your space. You can work with a professional landscaping designer to create a design that is ideal for your yard, and the landscaping design team can incorporate the new design into your space so that you can start enjoying these benefits.

Add Character to Your Denver Home

Home Page before(6)One of the best steps that you can take to add character and individuality to your front yard or backyard is to use xeriscaping techniques. Many yards today have the typical green lawn, flower beds and bushes, and these yards may have a pleasing look. However, they can also create a cookie-cutter look to your space.

When you want to break out of the mold to enhance your space with a unique design, xeriscaping can help you to accomplish your goal. Xeriscaping generally is considered to be an environmentally friendly method of landscaping, and this is because it involves using drought-tolerant, native vegetation coupled with other features that utilize little or no water. 

While the method is environmentally friendly, a creative landscaping can utilize design elements that are as unique and individual as the home itself. For example, the flower beds and plants can be installed in a carefully planned layout. In addition, dry beds with flat rocks can be installed for irrigation or water control purposes.

These are just a few of the many design elements that can be incorporated into your yard through xeriscaping. You can meet with a professional landscaping skilled in xeriscape design as a first step toward updating your space today, and by doing so, you can learn more about the incredible possibilities for your space. 

Denver Landscaping

Home Page before(6)As a homeowner in the Denver area, you may be looking for great ways to save money on your water bill. Reducing your monthly expenses can be challenging to do without drastically altering your lifestyle, but there is a clear and easy solution available that may give you the results you want without having to change your lifestyle at all.

With a xeriscape landscaping design in your yard, your yard will require little to no water, but it will continue to look great for years to come. A yard with a xeriscape design is one that utilizes rock and stone features as well as native vegetation. These are plants that are drought-resistant, and they are designed to live naturally in the native climate. This means that they will thrive based on the natural rainfall that they receive, and you will not need to water them on a regular basis. 

One of the most significant sources of water consumption in many homes relates to watering the lawn and gardens, so you can drastically reduce your water bill when you install this type of design in your space. While you can try to achieve a beautiful design through your own efforts, you may enjoy a better overall design that is attractive and that conserves water efficiently by working with a professional landscaping firm that focuses on xeriscape designs.

Xeriscapes in Denver

Home Page before(6)Denver landscape technicians use various landscaping techniques that are very popular. Many years ago, traditional landscaping procedures involved using shrubs in certain areas on a grass lawn. Landscapers also placed numerous flower beds and trees on the lawn for design purposes. Most homeowners do not have large lawns anymore, so they do not need a lot of maintenance. Instead, they are now using native plants and other different ground cover options. Taking care of a lawn requires a lot of work. This is why landscapers use concrete as ground cover; various kinds of vegetation can also be used. Bark dust and gravel are great options too.

Many landscapers use practical planting during landscaping design projects. Landscapers use the plants in fixtures on a property. For example, homeowners usually hide their herbs in locations that are away from busy areas. Landscapers use containers so that the herbs stand out on the property.

Why A Sprinkler System Is Important

Homeowners who want a properly maintained yard must use the proper equipment. Maintaining a yard is challenging, but a sprinkler system makes the process easier. A sprinkler system does not use a lot of energy; it helps homeowners save water. A sprinkler system only disperses water when it is needed so that water is never wasted. 

Denver landscaping services are highly recommended because landscapers use the best landscaping equipment and tools. 

Denver Xeriscape Contractor

Home Page before(6)Homeowners throughout our city need effective irrigation systems to get them through the driest parts of the year. Wild Irishman, an seasoned expert in Denver xeriscapes and irrigation systems, will explain Denver’s critical role in the evolution of the xeriscaping that is used extensively for today’s best lawns in this article.

It Began with the Denver Water Department

Xeriscaping began back in 1978, when the Denver city water department commissioned a study into a more cost-effective way of keeping yards healthy without using too much water. Local engineers discovered that by taking advantage of natural landscape features like hills, streams, rocks, and other naturally-occurring elements, water could be conserved while increasing the health of greenscapes. Since then, Xeriscaping has been used throughout the Denver area and all around the world.

How Xeriscaping Got Its Name

The Greek word ‘xeros’, meaning dry, and ‘scape’, as in landscape, were combined together to create this revolutionary term. Since the introduction of Xeriscaping, irrigation systems of all types have been more affordable and effective for homeowners around the world.

Own a Piece of Denver History

For both commercial and residential properties, Wild Irishman can help local Denver residents get the most out of their laws with Xeriscaping technology. Call today to learn how you can get the most out of your yard!

Xeriscape to Fight Droughts

As the drought in the western portion of the U.S. continues, many homeowners are wondering how they can maintain a healthy, attractive, and vigorous landscape while minimizing the use of irrigation. Xeriscaping is one way that the landscapers at Wild Irishman can create an attractive outdoor living space without the need for large amounts of water.

Xeriscaping Methods
In xeriscaping, the landscapers begin by creating a plan. Any necessary soil amendments are performed. An irrigation system may be added. Appropriate plants are added and mulch is placed to reduce evaporation and erosion.

Plants Used in Xeriscaping
In xeriscaping, landscapers select plants that are not just native to the area but are also known for their tolerance of dry conditions and minimal requirements for hydration. Various species of cacti are among the most popular plants used in xeriscapes. Homeowners who desire a traditional lawn might consider species such as buffalo grass and blue grama that require just 25 percent of the water used by traditional bluegrass. 

Advantages of Xeriscaping
Plants used in xeriscaping thrive with minimal water. Homeowners can save money on water and water is conserved to be used for other needs. Most xeriscape plants are low-maintenance and visually appealing, creating an interesting look to the property.

Benefits to a Xeriscape

General Landscape (2)Have you ever wished you could have a lovely landscaped yard, but lack the time and energy to keep up with all the work? Fortunately, there is an easy and affordable solution for Denver residents. The Wild Irishman offers a professional approach to designing and implementing the landscape design of your dreams. For example, with a Denver xeriscape, homeowners are relieved to discover that they not only are able to provide an environmentally friendly alternative to high maintenance landscape designs, but these designs require far less maintenance, leaving you to enjoy everything Colorado has to offer, rather than spending your precious weekends working in the yard.

A xeriscape incorporates native plants, trees and shrubs in order to enjoy their natural beauty without the need for excessive water usage. Of course, a major part of making sure your landscaping gets the water it needs is to provide the most efficient irrigation, often through the use of natural materials, such as gravel. Choosing drought hardy plans can provide additional cost savings over the expense of replanting lost landscaping elements during times of water shortage. Fortunately, the Wild Irishman can help you improve your landscape design while also providing the water-saving advantages of a Denver xeriscape designed specifically for your property.

Xeriscape Advantages

General Landscape (2)Xeriscape helps homeowners save money when it comes to managing their lawncare needs. The term refers to the use of a gardening or landscaping style that requires little water for upkeep. In arid environments like Denver, this option is a popular one because it gives homeowners the attractive lawn they desire with lower energy costs and fewer maintenance requirements. 

There are seven principles for this approach to landscaping. Most principles involve reducing water consumption, improving soil quality, and enhancing design on some level. There are several advantages to the xeriscape landscaper approach. 

Xeriscape Advantages

• Lower utility costs
• Easier upkeep
• Opportunities for recycling
• Preservation of natural resources
• Fewer hours in labor for lawn maintenance

To implement a landscaping plan like this, a professional would likely be required to develop the layout and identify the necessary components to achieve the outcome. The site, condition of the soil and environmental conditions are considered as well as the homeowner’s design aspirations.

The biggest advantage to xeriscape is that it saves homeowners money in utility costs. In regions like Denver, which is subject to harsh or dry conditions during certain seasons, xeriscape landscaping may be worth looking into for homeowners interested in the savings.

Adding Soil for Xeriscapes

When xeriscaping a lawn, landscapers and homeowners need to be aware of the needs of the plant life used. Many areas designed with xeriscaping will benefit from composting. Compost materials help the soil to retain water. However, some plants commonly used in xeriscaping actually benefit more from gravel-based soils containing fewer nutrients.

In the Denver area, most native plants will benefit from composting. Although minimal composting is required, most plants will thrive with one to two inches of compost material spread over the area. After composting, the clay-based local soil up to six inches deep, landscapers can effectively plant low-maintenance native flora.

Homeowners who have large patches of land in full sunlight might prefer to landscape using cacti instead of native flora. This type of vegetation provides a viable alternative for those wishing to use xeriscaping techniques, but soil preparation will be considerably different. Sandy soil is best, and a cactus garden requires only about 10 percent organic material. The average rainfall in the Denver area should provide about the right amount of moisture to cacti grown outdoors.

Xeriscaping in Denver can be done using a wide variety of plant life, and those choosing this earth-friendly technique can select from several different looks to find what most appeals to them.

Best Landscapers in Denver

Paver patio and seat wallIf you are looking for Denver’s best landscapers, it is important to remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  There is also the cost to services completed ratio.  Just because a landscaper charges a ton, doesn’t mean they are the best.  It is always good to look at examples of their work to see if you see the kind of results you are hoping for on one of their former projects.  Doing the same kind of work multiple times always helps speed things up and keep costs lower.  If they are amazing at Xeriscapes and you want a flagstone patio, they may not be the best for the job you are looking for.

Wild Irishman does a great job with:

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If you are looking for the best landscaper in Denver, give Duane a call and see how Wild Irishman can help!