Denver Landscape Design

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Your landscaping is the first thing people notice when they come to your house or place of business. You want it to look nice and inviting, like a welcome introduction to your home or business property. That’s why you need the professional services of Wild Irishman Tree & Landscape of Denver, Colorado. Wild Irishman doesn’t just plant flowers and trim bushes and trees. The company employs a professional team of landscaping designers than turn your visions into a beautiful reality.

If your outdoor area is drab, dull, disorganized or otherwise looks abandoned, people are not going to be eager to take a closer look at your place, regardless of how nice it is on the inside. It can give people the wrong first impression. The outdoor décor should be an enticing preview of what’s inside. It should elicit an interest and desire to explore further and, perhaps, to stay awhile. Wild Irishman understands that, sometimes, it matters what’s on the outside.

Whether you already have ideas or need professional advice on the best way to maximize appeal, Wild Irishman will be at your service. They will consider your available space, your interests, your existing resources and, of course, your budget. Then they will create magic. They can, for example, transform an ordinary deck into a lush tropical escape where you can entertain guests or relax at the end of a long day. They can trace the entrance to your home with an elegant flagstone walkway.

Wild Irishman can be as simple or as elaborate as you please. They will just as efficiently install a sprinkler system or outdoor lighting as they will turn your yard into a jungle or put in an outdoor kitchen. They can design for comfort or for luxury and have been doing it successfully for 15 years. They will cater to both business needs and your personal whims. Wild Irishman welcomes wild ideas. They also offer free estimates, so call them today and see what they can do for you!

Hiring a Denver Landscaper

The Layout of Your Home

When it comes to your home, one of the most important features can include the exterior layout. It is ideal that you create an exterior layout that complements the interior design of your home. Although it may seem difficult to accomplish, you can have an elegant exterior design in no time. The Wild Irishman Tree & Landscape Company can offer you a wide variety of landscaping alternatives for your home.

The Lawn and Garden

The first thing that you can concentrate on is the lawn or garden. Having both of these features looking gorgeous can help to accentuate the beauty of any home. This company can install grass, plants, trees and other accessories to complete your lawn and garden. Rest assured that you will have the garden design that you have always wanted. After the installation is complete, you can also take advantage of the maintenance services that Wild Irishman Tree & Landscape has to offer.

Patios, Decks and Water Features

Other than the lawn and garden, you can also consider patios and decks as excellent additions to your exterior layout. These patios and decks are unique complements that this company can also build and install for you. The company also offers water features that can be added to your garden, which can also give your layout an exclusive design to call your own.

Quality Results and low Prices

If you host regular outdoor parties, you can also consider installing an outdoor kitchen with quality lighting. The Wild Irishman Tree & Landscape Company will make sure to give you quality results along with a price that can fit your budget.

Denver Quality Flagstone Installation

Garden path with stone landscapingFlagstone in Denver for Landscaping Beauty & Value

Flagstone provides a classic and inviting hardscape for Denver properties. This versatile, natural stone has an earthy look and improves your surroundings with attractive pathways, stable footing, inviting patios or a custom setting for a fire pit, hot tub, sauna, fountain or other special outdoor feature. A local expert can help you make the most of your budget and achieve the best results.

Flagstone Features and Benefits

Natural variations in flagstone blend well with Colorado’s natural beauty. It’s a durable material that will last for the lifetime of your home or business.
Landscaping beautifies your exterior setting and improves property values. Nothing beats a harmonious and eye-catching landscape for making a great first impression.

Whether your dream landscape includes meandering garden paths, terracing, retaining walls, an outdoor kitchen, stone stairs or an outdoor event environment, it pays to consult with an expert.

Tips for Getting the Results You Want

The best landscaping with flagstone makes the most of the setting. The landscaper finds a balance between the site’s features and how you want to use your outdoor space.

List what you want. A clear plan devised by a master landscaper saves time and money. With a local expert, you can be confident that you’re getting the best deal on materials and that the quality of the flagstone work will be everything you desire.

Transform the exterior of your home or business into a landscape you’ll be proud of.

Wild Irishman knows flagstone and knows Denver. An expert in xeriscaping, his designs suit our environment and can save you money in materials and water. Call 303-233-1302 for a free estimate.

Denver Paver Patios

Any Kind of Patio You Need, we can help!

Any Kind of Patio You Need, we can help!

Gorgeous Paved Patios

Wild Irishman Tree & Landscape Inc., located in Denver understands how to design beautiful paver patios that create an attractive ambience near a building. Stepping-stones and pavers are an excellent way to create a usable small or large patio outside a home or business for entertaining or relaxing. One of the best things about living in Colorado is enjoying the lovely weather outside your home in the spring and summer.

Professional Landscaping Architect

Paver patios in Denver make it possible for people to walk outside a doorway onto a patio without stepping directly on dirt or grass. Materials made of a variety of natural stone such as granite or slate provides an attractive element near a building. Clients wanting new patios designed by professional architect Duane O’Hara can also select man-made concrete stones for exterior flooring.

Simple Everyday Maintenance

Stone in different sizes, textures and colors offer a long lasting surface that is simple to take care of with power washing devices to remove debris. Paver stones shed moisture from rain and snow in winter but also withstand the high temperatures of a Colorado summer. The individual stones are simple to replace or reattach when damaged after extended use.

Free Expert Consultation

Duane O’Hara specializes in creating landscaping that complements a building’s current elements and natural outdoor exterior. Adding paving stones to a space outside a business or home allows people to sit outside in a pest free zone while cooking meals on a custom-made barbecue. Contact Wild Irishman Tree & Landscape today for a free and personal consultation concerning paver patios in Denver.

Denver Landscaping in a Nutshell

Garden path with stone landscapingAn Overview of Denver Landscaping

If you are looking to take your property to the next level and are not sure how to move forward, you will surely want to hire a Denver landscaping company that is eminently skilled in a variety of areas. Whether you want a picture-perfect lawn or a brand new flower garden, we can help you draw up a viable plan that will meet your budget. Your property will soon be bursting with color and style.

Our technicians can help you craft a perfectly manicured lawn. While radiant green grass will be important, you might also be interested in beautiful fountains and flagstone pathways. We are also capable of installing an intricate outdoor lighting system that will show off your property even after the sun has gone down. Patios and decks can be added so that you might enjoy the easy summer evenings outside with family and friends.

Wild Irishman is dedicated to providing clients with the very best service. In fact, all of our landscaping technicians are trained in the field and are capable of crafting wonderful front and back yards. Intricate irrigation systems, for example, can be installed and connected to timers. This will ensure that your lawn receives the proper amount of water each and every day. Hedges, trees, flower gardens and vegetable gardens can be handled with similar techniques.

If you are interested in completely overhauling your property so that it becomes the jewel of the neighborhood, you should strongly consider giving Wild Irishman a call. We’ll perform a preliminary inspection of the property and ensure that your yard is given a beautiful makeover in the weeks ahead.

Denver Landscaping Company

General-LandscapingLandscaping Company In Denver

Many people prefer to take care of their landscaping project themselves. However, hiring a professional is much better than trying to do the job yourself. There are several ways you can benefit from hiring a professional landscaping company. Here is a list of those benefits:Ideas

Professional landscapers have a lot of great ideas. Even though landscapers complete training, people who pursue this career have the gift of creativity. They use their industry expertise and past experiences to come up with great landscaping ideas.

Reduce Your Stress

Many people are filled with great landscaping ideas, but they have no idea how to put them into action. This can make the planning process very stressful. However, a landscaper knows how to design your dream yard. Before your landscaper does any work, they will create a map of the project. Your landscaper can also help you decide whether you would like for the project to be completed all at once or have it done over time.

The Right Materials

Not only do professional landscapers have the training and knowledge necessary to complete a landscaping project, but they also have the necessary materials. Most people do not have all of the materials necessary for successfully completing a landscaping project.


Landscaping is a lot of hard work, and it can take up a lot of your time. This is especially true if one does not have the necessary skills. If you hire a professional, then you will be able to relax and let them take care of the job for you.

If you are in need of a professional landscaper, then you should reach out to Wild Irishman Tree and Landscape.

Denver Xeriscaping Companies

Garden path with stone landscapingXeriscapes in Denver

Instead of just using grass, you can create a new landscape design that includes colorful drought-resistant flowers and other plants suitable for Denver’s semi-arid climate. This water-conserving design is known as xeriscape, a term coined by the Denver Water Company that combines the Greek word for dry, xeros, with landscape. When designed properly, a xeriscape can be lush, colorful and easy to maintain. This landscape design concept can add interest to your home while reducing the amount of water required to keep it looking its best. This will enable you to enhance your home’s curb appeal while reducing your monthly water bill because the native plants live naturally in the area. Their low irrigation needs pale in comparison to the amount of water required by the typical lawn.
Often times, they can thrive only on Denver’s natural rainfall. Incorporating stone, gravel and mulch, the environmentally friendly low-maintenance aspect of xeriscape means that you can have a dramatic new look without having to change your lifestyle. The new design may require less effort, freeing up more time that can be spent with family and friends.

As a seasoned landscaping professional, Wild Irishman is an expert at creating xeriscapes in Denver. Our knowledge of the plants, shrubs and trees indigenous to the area will enable us to create a unique xeriscape that complements the architectural details of your home that also blends into the natural surroundings. We can also install the most efficient irrigation system, no matter which design you choose. Contact us today for more information on how we can transform the look of your residential or commercial property.

Winterizing Your Garden

During the bitter cold months of the year, your gardens need to be tucked away from frostbite and other weather-related issues. Many people feel that they do not have to properly cover and care for their gardens in the fall in preparation for the upcoming winter months. Winterizing your garden is important because it prevents your plants and shrubs from having health issues down the road. You might not properly cover a particular bush, and then you find out the next spring that it is just not growing and looks quite dead.

Winterizing a garden is essential for keeping it alive for many years to come. Without the proper care and attention, bushes and other shrubs are going to wither away. Many professional landscaping companies will be able to provide this type of service to you, since they are completely trained to know which bushes and shrubs can do well in the winter and which ones need a bit more attention. You will be able to then appreciate the beauty of these plants come the next spring when everything in your garden starts to bloom for the summer.

More than just a Hedgerow

Home Page before(6)Years ago, standard landscaping consisted of a few typical plants that offered cover in the winter, but not much in the way of year-round color. Houses were more uniform within neighborhoods and didn’t offer individuality for the homeowner. Today, landscape designers can help you create the home of your dreams by bringing your personality and style to your outdoor living space.

Creating beautiful landscaping around your home takes more than just selecting a few plants and putting them in holes in the ground. Reviewing your home’s structure, your neighborhood and nearby vistas, then determining the type of atmosphere you’d like are just a few of the steps needed to create the best landscape design for you.

Your home should reflect you and your lifestyle both inside and out. If you enjoy entertaining outside, seating should be comfortable and conducive to conversation. If you enjoy fragrance drifting through the back windows, plants with the scents most appealing to you should be selected. If you’re looking for a family-friendly, yet elegant style, outdoor play areas can be designed for maximum cross-generational appeal.

No longer are there limits on what can be created by combining living artwork with practical function. Denver vistas are worthy of attention and with the right design, your current view can be enhanced by a waterfall, stone patio and the perfect flowers. Let your imagination bloom with your garden.

Adding a Custom Landscape to Your Home

If you are looking for landscapers in Denver, you should focus on finding professionals that can create a beautiful looking yard that will enhance the value of your home. You should be sure to look at pictures of past yard designs so that you can see what a company has to offer. You want to hire professional landscapers that know how to transform your yard into a place that you will enjoy looking at and spending time in.

You can have a manicured lawn with the right types of flowers and plants for your environment. There are certain types of greenery that grow better in certain soil types and climates, and professionals can help you to choose the best type for your particular yard. Along with having beautiful plants and shrubs, you may also want to create designated spaces for relaxation.

Your landscape can include a fountain, or you may want to have a fire pit installed in your backyard or create a designated grilling area if you enjoy cooking outdoors. There are endless possibilities depending on what you want your yard to look like and what types of activities you enjoy. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you can easily have a welcoming outdoor space that you will feel good about visiting and look forward to sharing with your family and friends.