Small Landscaping Projects with Wild Irishman

PIC10BWe talk to many clients who say they have not started improvements to their landscaping because the prospect is overwhelming to them. Many people believe they need to spend 30 or 40 thousand dollars on a project to be worth while. It is true that larger projects do start to add up. But you do not have to spend Jr’s college fund to start some small landscaping enhancements. Just make a list of some small things you think would make your property look better and possibly increase the value as well.

To help you come up with some ideas that are both affordable and difference makers, I will throw out some tips. Start with one small corner section of your backyard. Perhaps just a few pavers, some decorative river rock, and a big planter filled with various colorful flowers is a good way to start. Those items will not break the bank and will help you gain momentum toward your next tiny project.

A fire pit is not out of reach for do-it- yourselfers and not a financial burden even if the work is hired out. Add some gravel or mulch to surround the pit and grab some nice looking lawn chairs. That little slice of heaven can be created in about one day if you do not get too complicated. If you are doing it yourself, just plan it properly so you do not have to fix something in the end.

A water pond may seem like a daunting project, but it does not have to be that way. A small pond will not be too expensive for most homeowners to invest in and the pond does not have to eat up too much space. If you choose to do a water feature on your own, you can go super minimalist and get it done in a few hours. Just watch a couple of how to videos online and drop by your home improvement store to grab a few items and you are set.

Those are just a few ways to get going on your landscape. Use your imagination and you will have more projects than you can shake a shovel at before long. Lots of small landscaping improvements add up to an overall better landscape. That is a much better plan than waiting years on that big overhaul.

Denver Waterfall Design

Water feature (2)Incorporating water features into your backyard’s landscape design is an activity that can be completed any time during the year. Even on some of Denver’s cold winter days, Wild Irishman can add water features, waterfall design, ponds, and streams to the backyard of your home. With vast experience working with a wide variety of landscaping projects, the experts at Wild Irishman have a waterfall design in mind for anyone.

Reduced Flooding Hazards

Traditional ponds, streams, and rivers carry the liabilities and risks associated with flooding. With customized waterfalls and streams, preventing disaster is as simple as flipping a switch. Since Denver homeowners are in control of the water following through these systems at all times, they carry little risk of causing property damage.

Pondless Streams

Traditional waterfall designs require a pond or large water source where water can be stored before traveling down the waterfall. By storing this water in an underground cistern, the dangers associated with a pond can be avoided while saving valuable space in your backyard.

Utilize an Expert in Waterfall Design

Wild Irishman Tree and Landscaping services is a Denver landscaper that specializes in full-service landscaping solutions for both commercial and residential properties. Backyard waterfall design and artificial water control specialties are one of Wild Irishman’s core competencies, and interested prospective clients can call today for a free consultation.

Water Features in Denver

Waterfall (1)Water features in Denver are all the rage right now! A new water feature not only adds beauty to your outdoor space, but can also add value to your property. There are some things to keep in mind when planning to add a water feature to your yard.

Space Available
Take the time to walk your yard to get an idea about how much space you have available to add a water feature. You will want to add something that fits comfortably in the space without taking over every inch of the yard. 

Is Yard Flat or Hilly?
While walking your property, take the time to notice if it is flat or varying heights. You will want to choose a water feature that will fit in naturally. If your yard is flat, you might consider a fountain. 

Your Junior Explores
No matter how shallow, water features can be dangerous to small children. If you have children, you will want to choose a tall water feature that is out of their reach. 

When planning your water feature, you will want to create a budget that you can afford and stick to it. From wells to tranquility pools, there are a variety of features available to fit every budget 

Water Features in Denver

Waterfall (1)Deciding on the Right Water Feature for Your Backyard Area

Water features are fun to include in a backyard decorative scheme. However, there are lots of maintenance issues involved in having water features in your Denver landscape. Keeping your features clean and operating correctly requires a commitment of time, something worth considering before you finalize your decisions about these areas of your landscape.

Ponds are popular for families with youngsters. They also appeal to animal lovers. Having fish and turtles in the backyard can be exciting, but failing to maintain your pond can leave a huge stench. It’s also important to keep safety in mind, not installing such features if your youngsters might be tempted to swim when they don’t know how to do so.

Fountains are also popular choices as backyard water features. The continuity of water moving through the system makes it less likely to become smelly, but there is still a need for regular cleaning. There are portable fountains that can be moved when you decide you need a change. Winter treatment of both types of water features is important because of the severe temperatures experienced in the Denver area. Wild Irishman is an excellent resource for further information on water feature use in your Denver landscape.