Denver Xeriscape Landscaper

Home Page before(6)Xeriscaping is a wonderful way to improve the look of your yard, and this type of landscaping design provides you with several other important benefits. This is a natural type of design that utilizes native vegetation coupled with rock and stone designs. Generally, because the plants used in the design are native to the area, they largely can thrive in your yard without the need to water them on a regular basis. They will adjust to the natural rainfall that your yard receives, and this can help you to save money on your water bill.

More than that, xeriscaping also is a low-maintenance style of landscaping design that effectively can help you to save time and energy on your lawn chores. One of the regular aspects of yard maintenance relates to mowing and trimming the lawn. Because there is little to no grass in this style of design, you will not need to worry about mowing the lawn every week. With the many benefits associated with xeriscaping, you will see that this is the style of landscaping design that you want to incorporate into your space. You can work with a professional landscaping designer to create a design that is ideal for your yard, and the landscaping design team can incorporate the new design into your space so that you can start enjoying these benefits.

Denver Landscapers

Home Page before(6)Maintaining your garden and lawn on your own can be done, but often it is a better choice to have a professional take care of your outdoor spaces, because doing this will help to add curb appeal to your home. Letting a professional landscaper help spruce up your yard will also enhance the overall value of your home, making it easier to recoup more value from the home if you decide to move.

Another benefit is that having a professional landscaper take care of your yard is a better time-saver and will also keep you from exerting too much effort to keep your lawn looking beautiful. Large stretches of property often benefit from professional landscaping, given the size and the time it would take the homeowners to take care of it. It is also preferable to hire a professional landscaper so that they can see if there are any problems developing in the yard. It will be easier to head these problems off if a professional can get to them first, because they will have the knowledge and materials to address it quickly. Overall, this will save you money as a homeowner and will also prevent the need for anyone to dig up your lawn.

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Denver Waterfall Design

Water feature (2)Incorporating water features into your backyard’s landscape design is an activity that can be completed any time during the year. Even on some of Denver’s cold winter days, Wild Irishman can add water features, waterfall design, ponds, and streams to the backyard of your home. With vast experience working with a wide variety of landscaping projects, the experts at Wild Irishman have a waterfall design in mind for anyone.

Reduced Flooding Hazards

Traditional ponds, streams, and rivers carry the liabilities and risks associated with flooding. With customized waterfalls and streams, preventing disaster is as simple as flipping a switch. Since Denver homeowners are in control of the water following through these systems at all times, they carry little risk of causing property damage.

Pondless Streams

Traditional waterfall designs require a pond or large water source where water can be stored before traveling down the waterfall. By storing this water in an underground cistern, the dangers associated with a pond can be avoided while saving valuable space in your backyard.

Utilize an Expert in Waterfall Design

Wild Irishman Tree and Landscaping services is a Denver landscaper that specializes in full-service landscaping solutions for both commercial and residential properties. Backyard waterfall design and artificial water control specialties are one of Wild Irishman’s core competencies, and interested prospective clients can call today for a free consultation.

Denver Decks and Patios

Paver patio and seat wallLocal Denver residents looking for a reputable company with experience designing and building high-quality patios and decks will be pleased to hear that Wild Irishman Tree and Landscaping Services can get the job done right. With over 15 years of experience building local Denver patios and decks, Wild Irishman is a BBB-accredited landscaping firm that can get a homeowner through any deck or patio project.

Treated Woods

With modern treated woods, your deck or patio can stay in good condition well into the future. With life expediencies in excess of 20 years, treated woods are a great way to increase the value of your home.

Deck and Patio Roofs

Adding a roof to your deck or patio can ensure that rain or even snow can’t spoil the fun. Deck and patio roofs can be designed both to reduce sun exposure and the immunize your deck from a rain shower. This can make your backyard everyone’s favorite hangout on a rainy day.

Paver Patios

If you are looking for a more long lasting deck solution, a paver patio is worth checking out.

Custom Designed Decks and Patios

Decks and Patios can increase the comfort level of your home’s backyard by making it more enjoyable to spend time on your deck or patio. Denver residents looking to re-design or start from scratch with a new backyard patio or deck should contact Wild Irishman to see how custom-designed decks or patios might be able to improve their backyard.

Denver Flagstone Contractors

Flagstone patioWild Irishman is a Denver company with a proven track record of successfully working with flagstone materials for walkways, decks, and paths. Flagstone can be used locally by Denver residents as a more affordable and beautiful material that blends right in with our local Denver style.

Flagstone Walkways and Paths

Wild Irishman has over 15 years of experience delivering quality flagstone walkways to local residents. Flagstone is a wonderful material to choose for your home’s walkways because it holds up well to the weather, provides a firm surface for walking, and maintains a good grip when it rains.

Flagstone Decks

Here in Denver, flagstone is widely used for decks and patios all across the city. Wild Irishman can take care of the entire design, development, and construction process for he homeowner, and guarantees 100% satisfaction.

Flagstone Brick

For homeowners that want to give their homes an extra spark that will impress neighbors and house guests alike, using flagstone brick is an affordable way to beautify your home. By using strong flagstone materials, not only will your home longer-withstand the test of time, but it will even have a greater resale value. Wild Irishman can help Denver residents decide when using flagstone brick is appropriate for a home or commercial construction project, so give Wild Irishman a call today!

Denver Landscape Design

Getting started with a great plan is always the best way to launch a landscape design project. Local Denver residents can benefit from the expertise of locally-owned Wild Irishman, an experienced landscaping company that offers full-service landscaping and irrigation solutions.

We'll Design Your Landscape Project before we start it!

We’ll Design Your Landscape Project before we start it!

Starting with the End in Mind

Visionary landscape designers at Wild Irishman focus on the results that homeowners really want. Whether your goals are to get a beautiful backyard, redesign your patio, install a sprinkler system, or even get an outdoor kitchen, Wild Irishman’s experienced designers can help Denver residents decide what is best for them.

Using Seasoned Experts

Working with a company that has a proven track record of success is a great way to make sure a project will go smoothly. Wild Irishman’s landscaping design professionals work hard to make sure the client is satisfied. By combining honesty, integrity, and commitment, design projects can be completed on-time with outstanding results that ensure satisfaction for landscaping design clients.

Pro Landscape Designs

When delivering a prospective plan to a customer, Wild Irishman delivers a ‘snapshot’ of the final design by using 3D imaging technology from Pro Landscape. This can help homeowners feel reassured that they are making the right decision before moving forward. Call Wild Irishman landscaping design services today to start revolutionizing the design of your yard!

Water Features in Denver

Waterfall (1)Water features in Denver are all the rage right now! A new water feature not only adds beauty to your outdoor space, but can also add value to your property. There are some things to keep in mind when planning to add a water feature to your yard.

Space Available
Take the time to walk your yard to get an idea about how much space you have available to add a water feature. You will want to add something that fits comfortably in the space without taking over every inch of the yard. 

Is Yard Flat or Hilly?
While walking your property, take the time to notice if it is flat or varying heights. You will want to choose a water feature that will fit in naturally. If your yard is flat, you might consider a fountain. 

Your Junior Explores
No matter how shallow, water features can be dangerous to small children. If you have children, you will want to choose a tall water feature that is out of their reach. 

When planning your water feature, you will want to create a budget that you can afford and stick to it. From wells to tranquility pools, there are a variety of features available to fit every budget 

Custom Landscaping in Denver

We'll Design Your Landscape Project before we start it!

We’ll Design Your Landscape Project before we start it!

Custom Landscaping Designs for Denver 

The Wild Irishman has a variety of custom landscaping designs for Denver residents and businesses. Outside kitchens, patios and decks all help create a focal point to enjoy a view, pond or garden. Custom landscaping options highlight those features that make each property unique. This provides the luxurious relaxation and entertainment area that many look for when purchasing or selling a home, building or lot. 

Families benefit from custom landscaping designs for their properties. These features are noninvasive and help keep your lawn healthy and strong while maximizing its usage. Customizing the plant life and using sustainable materials allow for continued growth and enjoyment. These practices extend their usage while reducing the amount of maintenance and repairs needed. The various “green” solutions available help protect the environment, your family and the community without the use of pesticides, contaminants and dangerous pollutants.

Whether it is an interest in sustainable urban gardening or maximizing outdoor living, the Wild Irishman will use the best possible methods needed to provide custom landscaping designs for Denver properties and homes. By offering before and after photos, it is easy to see what the results will be right from the start. No need to second-guess choices or decisions, the proof is readily available. 

Getting Ready for Spring

SilvermanDenver Landscaper Blog-How To Get Your Yard Ready For The Spring 

Spring is a time of the year that many people look forward to because of the warm weather. If you are like a lot of people, then you probably spend a lot of time outdoors during the spring months. That is why you will need to start preparing your yard for the spring right now.

You will need to rake all of the debris away from winter and fall. This includes things such as sticks and leaves. The leftover debris on your lawn can get in the way of planting seeds, watering and mowing the lawn. Raking not only helps remove debris, but it also helps loosen the surface of the soil. This helps encourage healthy airflow.

You should mow your grass with a sharp blade. Cut off about 1/3 of the grass blade. This will encourage your grass to grow healthier and thicker. How often you need to cut your grass is dependent upon how fast it grows. However, you will probably need to cut your grass once a week during the spring months.

If you are looking for a landscaper in Denver, then you should consider contacting Wild Irishman. Wild Irishman has been in the business for 15 years and offers a variety of services for a great price.

Best Landscapers in Denver

Paver patio and seat wallIf you are looking for Denver’s best landscapers, it is important to remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  There is also the cost to services completed ratio.  Just because a landscaper charges a ton, doesn’t mean they are the best.  It is always good to look at examples of their work to see if you see the kind of results you are hoping for on one of their former projects.  Doing the same kind of work multiple times always helps speed things up and keep costs lower.  If they are amazing at Xeriscapes and you want a flagstone patio, they may not be the best for the job you are looking for.

Wild Irishman does a great job with:

  • Flagstone Patios
  • Paver Patios
  • Landscape Design
  • Rock Walls
  • Sprinker Installs

If you are looking for the best landscaper in Denver, give Duane a call and see how Wild Irishman can help!