Denver Landscaping Help

/Users/jleupo/Desktop/Stacks/Stacks 3-23-14/model/L-SP-STA.dwgMost Landscapers in Denver really try and do a good job.  There are some who can’t through lack of experience or improper tools.  Wild Irishman has been a landscaper in Denver for 15 years, and we have had our bumps and our bruises, just like any landscaping company in the area.  When you are getting ready to sign up for a landscaping job, here are some things you should keep in mind.

  • Get plans – Yes they cost some to make, but the cost of the plans are often deducted if the price is high enough on the job.  Having plans helps to ensure the project goes as you expect and you won’t be disappointed with the final result.
  • Make sure you communicate – Some times you may be gone from the house or there are other contractors who need to be onsite.  Make sure everyone is able to do their work.
  • Don’t worry about getting a few quotes.  You need to be comfortable.  Get as many landscaping quotes as you need.
  • When you are putting together your landscaping plan, make sure to think about the space in both day and night.

Wild Irishman would love to work with you to beautify your outdoor living space.  We have been landscaping in the Denver metro for over 15 years so we have the experience to make you a raving fan.

Winterizing Your Garden

During the bitter cold months of the year, your gardens need to be tucked away from frostbite and other weather-related issues. Many people feel that they do not have to properly cover and care for their gardens in the fall in preparation for the upcoming winter months. Winterizing your garden is important because it prevents your plants and shrubs from having health issues down the road. You might not properly cover a particular bush, and then you find out the next spring that it is just not growing and looks quite dead.

Winterizing a garden is essential for keeping it alive for many years to come. Without the proper care and attention, bushes and other shrubs are going to wither away. Many professional landscaping companies will be able to provide this type of service to you, since they are completely trained to know which bushes and shrubs can do well in the winter and which ones need a bit more attention. You will be able to then appreciate the beauty of these plants come the next spring when everything in your garden starts to bloom for the summer.