More than just a Hedgerow

Home Page before(6)Years ago, standard landscaping consisted of a few typical plants that offered cover in the winter, but not much in the way of year-round color. Houses were more uniform within neighborhoods and didn’t offer individuality for the homeowner. Today, landscape designers can help you create the home of your dreams by bringing your personality and style to your outdoor living space.

Creating beautiful landscaping around your home takes more than just selecting a few plants and putting them in holes in the ground. Reviewing your home’s structure, your neighborhood and nearby vistas, then determining the type of atmosphere you’d like are just a few of the steps needed to create the best landscape design for you.

Your home should reflect you and your lifestyle both inside and out. If you enjoy entertaining outside, seating should be comfortable and conducive to conversation. If you enjoy fragrance drifting through the back windows, plants with the scents most appealing to you should be selected. If you’re looking for a family-friendly, yet elegant style, outdoor play areas can be designed for maximum cross-generational appeal.

No longer are there limits on what can be created by combining living artwork with practical function. Denver vistas are worthy of attention and with the right design, your current view can be enhanced by a waterfall, stone patio and the perfect flowers. Let your imagination bloom with your garden.

Adding a Custom Landscape to Your Home

If you are looking for landscapers in Denver, you should focus on finding professionals that can create a beautiful looking yard that will enhance the value of your home. You should be sure to look at pictures of past yard designs so that you can see what a company has to offer. You want to hire professional landscapers that know how to transform your yard into a place that you will enjoy looking at and spending time in.

You can have a manicured lawn with the right types of flowers and plants for your environment. There are certain types of greenery that grow better in certain soil types and climates, and professionals can help you to choose the best type for your particular yard. Along with having beautiful plants and shrubs, you may also want to create designated spaces for relaxation.

Your landscape can include a fountain, or you may want to have a fire pit installed in your backyard or create a designated grilling area if you enjoy cooking outdoors. There are endless possibilities depending on what you want your yard to look like and what types of activities you enjoy. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you can easily have a welcoming outdoor space that you will feel good about visiting and look forward to sharing with your family and friends.

Designing Your Denver Landscape

/Users/jleupo/Desktop/Stacks/Stacks 3-23-14/model/L-SP-STA.dwgFamilies in the Denver area enjoy social gatherings and entertaining family and friends at home. A great way to use your home to host such events is to consult with a landscape designer to create a party friendly outdoor space. Even a home with the smallest of square footage can carve out a little outside area to host a few friends and enjoy all that the area has to offer.

When deciding on a space in your yard, location is incredibly important. A sitting and dining area that is situated near the house allows for better ease of food and drink transport from the kitchen indoors. Look overhead to find the perfect spot that’s not too sunny or shady, or take this opportunity to construct a shade structure as part of your landscape design.

A comfortable outside entertaining area should have ample seating and places to set down drinks or plates. Consider a fish pond, waterfall or fire pit as a focal point that can be enjoyed all year round. The choices are nearly endless!

When deciding on the hardscapes that will make up the landscape, the plants and greenery that will be planted should also be considered. Insect repelling plants are often the perfect compliment to an outdoor seating area. With a little planning, your family and guests will enjoy their time in your yard in comfort.

Landscapers in Denver

We'll Design Your Landscape Project before we start it!

We’ll Design Your Landscape Project before we start it!

Professional Landscapers

Anyone wanting to improve the appearance of their lawns can hire a professional landscaper. Denver has a climate with hot summers and cold winters, requiring an expert to understand the correct type of plants that will thrive in the region. The best landscapers know how to customize an outdoor area using its natural setting. However, if adding soil or leveling ground is necessary to achieve a good space for growing trees, grass or flowers, then that is also part of a landscaper’s job.

On-Site Consultations

A property owner hiring a landscaper receives an on-site consultation that allows the professional to analyze a lawn’s soil and measure spaces before creating a blueprint. Today, most landscape architects use computer software to make several three-dimensional plans to show their clients. A client can choose from an assortment of landscaping plans that vary between simple and elaborate designs that will have different price points. Clients should receive information concerning how long a landscaping job requires.

Natural Settings

Working with the area’s natural setting such as a hill means that the landscape architect can complete the job faster at a lower cost for the property owner. Things that a landscaper must consider before beginning a design are underground utility lines, walkways and building regulations. Clients should choose plants for their properties that do not obscure views from windows or driveways.

Denver Landscaping Services

Home Page before(6)More and more home and business owners are requesting landscapes specifically designed to attract wildlife. Multiple species of birds, attractive insects and even furry wild animals are all experiencing a surge in popularity among nature and animal lovers. Wildlife friendly landscape design is a type of design that is easily customizable and able to be designed according to each client’s specific desires.

As this wildlife friendly trend continues to grow, landscapers in the Denver area are embracing the opportunity to introduce new species of plants and grasses to their clients. Towns used to be filled with homes and businesses sporting simple spans of lawn with a few traditional accent shrubs and flowers. Landscape design clients who want to attract wildlife to their property are bringing a welcome breath of fresh air to their neighborhood thanks to the addition of bright colors, fruit bearing trees and shrubs and a more relaxed, natural look.

Those who enjoy watching the chipmunks, birds and butterflies scamper and fly through their yard often request designs that will attract their wild friends and offer them food, water and shelter. Dense evergreen shrubs, reliable water sources and areas where food can be left or dispensed are often incorporated into their landscape design. Working together with an experienced landscape designer will ensure that every animal-loving client gets the wildlife friendly landscape that they are hoping for.

Great Landscaping Starts with a Plan

/Users/jleupo/Desktop/Stacks/Stacks 3-23-14/model/L-SP-STA.dwgGood landscape design is much more than simply planting grass and placing bush, trees and flowers around a home. It takes analysis, planning and attention to detail to produce a design that is not only beautiful, but also functional.

No single design is appropriate for every property. However, having a plan drawn up before installation occurs will give you a chance to review and visualize landscape design elements for your Denver property. The plan will also ensure that the size, scale and layout of the design is appropriate and meets your needs, meaning you’ll be less likely to endure mistakes or be unhappy with the results.

Landscaping in Denver can also produce some challenges due to our local terrain and our climate. We will make sure that plants selected will grow well in your microclimate. Other conditions that need special attention include placing windbreaks, noise reduction for loud areas, drainage, accommodating rocky ground, hillside landscaping and elevation changes. Sunny landscapes also need different vegetation than shady areas.

Hardscaping features such as patios, walkways, swimming pools and pool decks, outdoor dining areas with barbecue grills and/or kitchens and similar features are also popular elements in today’s landscaping designs. Also important is the type of lighting. Selecting uplighting or downlighting to highlight trees and bushes is much different than the task and safety lighting needed for work areas, steps and walkways.

Denver Flagstone Landscaper

Thanks to its inherent durability and great visual appeal, homeowners in Denver have long used flagstone as a part of their landscape design. Flagstone is a naturally occurring stone that is available in a wide variety of colors, thicknesses, shapes and sizes. Its versatility lends it to being an ideal raw material to work with to create beautiful landscape features.

Flagstone is perhaps best known for being used to create a path, walkway or patio. In Denver, it is popular to see homes with beautifully shaped flagstone walkways leading to a functional and attractive flagstone patio that is used as a sitting and barbecuing area. Flagstone is a very strong stone and can withstand the seasonal temperature changes as well as consistent use.

More and more, flagstone is being incorporated into different kinds of landscape features. It can be used to build small accent walls around a koi fish pond or other water feature; it can be used to create low border walls to mark property lines; flagstone can also be used as decorative accents around an outdoor fire pit or sitting area.

However this beautiful natural material is used, flagstone always adds a warmth and comfortable yet polished look to any landscape that it is part of. It is both easy to find and affordable, making it an excellent choice for homeowners and designers alike.

Xeriscapes and Other Landscape Design Services

Gardeners and landscapers are well aware that the US is made up of different growing zones, soil types and weather patterns. Within every city and county, soil types can vary widely. Professional companies have experienced staff knowledgeable about which plants grow best in various soils, growing zones and weather.

There are different reasons to hire a professional landscaper. These include new home purchases, reclaiming damaged property, being an inexperienced gardener and getting a property ready for sale. Denver landscapers are experts in the various plant species that thrive in the area, surviving drought, winter and other extremes.

For the popular landscaping method known as xeriscaping, professional landscapers know the best local trees, shrubs, flowers, ground covers and grasses to combine for the best effect. The new landscaping can save money on fertilizers, water costs and energy for the home. Deciduous trees shade the house during the summer, reducing cooling costs. During the winter, the leafless tree allows the sun’s rays to help heat the home, resulting in lower heating bills.

Professional landscapers take more into account than plant color or textures. He or she will also take into account the plant’s full-grown size and spread as well as the root spread. The chosen plants will fit into the yard above and below ground, causing no harm to water, phone lines, the house’s foundation, fences or the sidewalks. The resulting landscape will also enhance the home’s architecture.

Adding Wildflowers to Your Landscape Design

A home can be made beautiful without hours of painstaking planning and work. More to the point, a beautiful landscape for a house does require much planning but it can be done by a professional instead. Expert landscapers in Denver are available whenever they are needed to groom or even completely remake a lawn. Real art goes even further and represents outside architecture that bring a patio or open area to life.

Imagine a flower bed surrounding a white gazebo or else a brick and mortar shelter rising and refining a back patio. These are some of the exciting options that real yard builders can provide. While the owner can dig a hole and plant a tree or a few shrubs, beautiful islands of ferns and flowers are a challenge to achieve with deft precision.

Expert landscapers in Denver and beyond understand the plants they work with. It is difficult for an average person to take the time to research every exotic plant desired and then determine how to best prepare the soil and mulch. Digging wide pits for the root zone is backbreaking work, but pro designers have the equipment to complete the task quickly and efficiently.

The point is having a lush and varied landscape without having to worry so much about the long term appearance or care for the plants. Correct landscaping will keep unusual plants happy throughout summer. All that might be required is occasional feeding and trimming, and Denver landscapers have designed plans for this as well.

Denver CO Landscaping Services

A beautiful and well-manicured lawn not only adds curb appeal to an individual’s property and helps ensure owner pride. It also provides individuals with a sense of accomplishment and excitement whenever they come home or invite others over. In addition, an aesthetically pleasing yard will increase an individual’s home value whenever they decide to sell or rent it. Although it may seem easy choosing a landscape artist, it can be quite difficult. After all, not every landscaper has the skills, expertise and qualifications to exceed the client’s high expectations. In this article, we will help readers find and hire a Denver Colorado landscaper. We will teach them how to choose the perfect landscaper while ensuring that their project stays on budget.

First and foremost, individuals must know your budget. Homeowners must know exactly how much they can afford to pay their landscape artist. They need to know if they need occasional assistance or regular maintenance. They need to know how much they can realistically afford to put into the landscaping project. For instance, if a client is rich and not worried about the budget at all they can hire a highly experienced and costly contractor. However, if a client is on a tight budget, the client should hire an inexpensive or inexperienced landscape artist with true talent.

Second, homeowners must have a vision in mind. For instance, individuals must know the type of landscaping designs they like. One way to discover this is to peruse other people’s yards in the neighborhood or other neighborhoods and then take photographs of your findings. In addition, individuals can get ideas by looking trough magazines, talking to professional landscapers or visiting home improvement stores like Home Depot that offer free computer analyses for customers.

Third, individuals must interview Denver Colorado landscapers and review the professional’s vision. By having a realistic vision of what they want the landscaper to accomplish, the individual will choose wisely. The best way to accomplish this is to ask friends and family for referrals and then ask prospects if they can help make the vision “come alive.” Individuals should ask a professional for a free or low-cost estimate. They should discuss their needs and wants and budgetary constraints. During the interview process, the prospective client should ask the landscaper about their experience, whether they will perform the work solo or with others, and the type of landscaping services they provide. They should also ask if the Denver Co. landscaper is a proud member of any landscape organizations, whether the contractor’s company offers written guarantees and if they can provide current references. Next, the individuals should ask shortlisted candidates to draft an action plan with a detailed sketch of plants and cost estimate. In most instances, the contractor will be happy to provide this information to the prospective client.

In conclusion, choosing a Denver Colorado landscaper isn’t easy but it can be fun and exciting. By following the above strategies, individuals will find a capable contractor who meets all their needs and has the skills to complete your landscaping job, on time and within budget.