Seeding Your Property

Make Your Seeding Successful!

While there are a wide variety of strategies that Denver homeowners can utilize to make their living space more functional and appealing, planting flowers and other aesthetically appealing garden elements can be particularly effective. If you plan to begin the seeding process soon, be sure to heed the following tips and tricks so that your endeavors will be successful:

1. Water the seeded area twice daily. Each period of watering should last ten minutes. (Remember that the germinating seed requires continual moisture, but not an excess of water.)

2. In the event that temperatures exceed 85 degrees or the day becomes windy, it may be advantageous to complete another watering session. Doing so can ensure that both your soil and seed retain the appropriate levels of moisture.

3. Do not permit pets, humans, or any other entities to trample over your seeds.

4. Once your seeds have reached a height of two inches, you can begin mowing in that region again. Also note that the optimal mowing height is 2 1/2-3 inches.

5. Refrain from using weed control in the areas where you’ve planted your seeds for at least a three week period. When you enroll in a program with our Denver landscaping experts, our technicians will refrain from conducting any weed control work within the newly seeded region.

Denver Landscaping Companies

People who are looking for Denver landscaping ideas may want to consider having LED lights installed outside of their home. LED lights help keep your home safe. They can also make your landscape more beautiful. There are a number of other benefits that can be reaped from using LED lights. Below are some of the reasons that more landscapers in Denver are installing outdoor LED lights:

Long Lasting

LED lights are a great choice because they last a long time. LED light bulbs can last 10 times longer than incandescent light bulbs. In fact, some LED light bulbs can last up to 50,000 hours. On the other hand, fluorescent light bulbs only last 8,000 to 30,000 hours, and incandescent light bulbs only last 750 to 2,000 hours.


LED lights are very energy efficient. Because they are very energy efficient, you will be able to save money on your electricity bill. LED lights are also better for the environment because they are energy efficient.


Your Denver landscaper may also recommend LED lights because they are non-toxic. LED lights do not contain any mercury. Mercury can be very toxic to the environment.


Landscapers in Denver often install LED lights because they are extremely durable. They do not contain any filament, so they can better withstand bumping, vibration and other things that can damage them.

Tree Tips

Two Tree Topping Myths You Should Know About

While there are many ways that Denver homeowners can improve the appearance of their lawn, many have become interested in using tree topping as a tool to accomplish this objective. Yet while you may think that removing a tree’s main branches will be helpful, this is not the case. In fact, tree topping will typically do more harm than good. By recognizing the following two myths regarding tree topping, you can begin the process of finding more efficacious ways to get your lawn in tip top shape.

Myth # 1: Tree Topping Rejuvenates The Tree.

Tree topping is ineffective in rejuvenating trees because it removes a great deal of the crown. Once this process occurs, it is possible for the tree’s root to shoot ratio to become unbalanced, making it temporarily impossible for the tree to create its own food. Additionally, the tree topping process causes the tree to grow new shoots, making them very high maintenance.

Myth # 2: Tree Topping Is Effective For Trees That Cast Too Much Shade.

Because tree topping stimulates regrowth, it is not a particularly effective way to reduce the shade it casts. Instead, choose to invest in a Denver landscaper who will selectively prune your tree. In so doing, your tree will let in more light and wind. As pruning will not stimulate the tree’s regrowth, it is a much more effective way to reduce the size of a tree.


Although you may think that tree topping is an effective way to improve the aesthetic appeal of your lawn, this is not the case. By hiring Denver landscaping professionals such as the Wild Irishman of Denver CO, you can attain the alternative, high quality tree services you need and deserve.

Select the Right Landscaper

How To Select The Right Landscaping Services

While there are several aspects of home maintenance that conscientious Denver home owners must attend to, landscaping can be particularly important. Specifically, including the fact that a well-kept lawn can drastically improve the aesthetic appeal of the home setting. In recognizing that there are several Denver landscaping services that you can select from when attempting to improve the appearance of your yard, take note of how the following three tips can help you select the right landscapers in Denver:

1. Examine Credentials.

One of the most important things to consider when you begin the process of selecting a Denver landscaper is the company’s credentials. In addition to learning what type of training programs and/or degrees the employees have, you should determine whether or not the company has won any significant awards for things like excellent customer service or high quality on-the-job performance.

2. Check For A Good Reputation.

Although word-of-mouth isn’t everything, it means a lot in the world of Denver landscaping. In short, a Denver landscaper that consistently does a good job will typically earn a reputation for doing high quality work. At the same time, Denver landscapers who offer mediocre or substandard service will oftentimes become known for doing so. With this idea in mind, you should take the time to learn what type of reputation a prospective Denver landscaping company has before you agree to utilize its services. To accomplish this objective, you can check with your local Better Business Bureau (BBB).

3. Ask For An Estimate.

Yet another important part of the process involved in selecting the right landscaping services is asking for an estimate. The money that the Denver landscaping company requests should be comparable to the quality of service that will be provided as well as the credentials the company has.


Although you may think that the process of selecting the right landscaping services will be complex and complicated, it doesn’t have to be. By asking for estimates and checking the credentials of prospective landscapers, you will have profound success in locating a high quality landscaper that will provide you with the excellent, expedient services you deserve.

Time to Use Mulch?

Blog-Benefits Of Using Mulch

Mulch is a protective covering. It is typically made out of straw, leaves, peat or grass clippings. Many landscapers in Denver are using mulch. There are a number of benefits that can be reaped from using mulch. Below are some of the reasons that you should consider using mulch:

Inhibits Weed Growth

Weeds can ruin any Denver landscaping project. They take nutrients, water, light and space away from the plants inside of your lawn or garden. Mulch can protect your garden or lawn by inhibiting the growth of weeds. Furthermore, mulch can help repel common lawn and garden pests, such as slugs, moths and snails. Insects can destroy plants.

Helps Hold In Moisture

Moisture is necessary for a healthy lawn. Your Denver landscaper may recommend using mulch because it helps hold in soil moisture. This will prevent plants from becoming too dry. Therefore, your lawn or garden may not need to be watered as often if mulch is used.

Decreases Fungal Diseases

Fungal diseases can also ruin a Denver landscaping project. Your lawn or garden will be less likely to develop a fungal disease if mulch is used. Mulch helps encourage microbial activity.


Because mulch helps prevent weeds from growing and keeps plants healthy, your garden or lawn will look better. Your garden or lawn will also have a neat and uniform appearance.

Denver Landscaping Professionals

Excellent Landscaping Services in Denver

If you’re a Denver resident in need of quality landscaping services, it’s your lucky day. Wild Irishman is a full-service Denver landscaping company that’s available to handle all of your lawn and tree needs. If you want to get on the path to achieving an outdoor look that’s neat, meticulous and beautiful, then our landscapers in Denver might be perfect for you.

Our seasoned landscaping aficionados can take care of all matters that pertain to landscape design. If you’re searching for help with sprinklers, customized decks, specimen trees, shrubs, stamped concrete, xeriscapes, outdoor lighting, fence repairs, flagstone pathways, hardscapes or anything else, Wild Irishman is at your service. If your need is related to landscaping, we’re your folks.

Not only are we savvy in all landscape design matters, but we’re also highly knowledgeable about proper care and maintenance of shrubs and trees alike. If your goal is to ensure the beauty, well-being and health of your property’s shrubs and trees, we can provide you with the dependable information and tips you deserve.

If you’re on the lookout for a top-notch Denver landscaper, our company can make it a reality for you. When it comes to landscaping, you should never settle for anything less than the best. Fortunately, Wild Irishman can provide you with the best. Call us as soon as you can to make an appointment or to get a service quote.

Mulching Your Garden

Mulch is a fibrous material that many landscapers use in garden beds and around trees. If you are unfamiliar with what mulch can do, there are actually quite a number of things that it is capable of doing for the health of plants and trees. One of the best things that mulch does for the average gardener is to prevent weeds from overtaking a garden. The mulch acts like a blanket on the dirt, and this can also insulate plants that go dormant during the fall and winter seasons.

Many people are also finding mulch to be ideal for keeping their gardens moist at all times. Dirt can dry out incredibly quickly, but mulch is able to retain its water content for a much longer period of time. This is why mulch can be beneficial for a lush and beautiful garden. There are many different colors and types of mulch, from beautiful red wood varieties to black and brown colors that complement any type of garden that you have at home. Mulch can be a lifesaver when it comes to having it added to your gardens and around trees.

The most important part of dealing with gardens or landscaping in general is to ensure you have your foundation straight.  This is where hiring a Denver landscaper to build the garden out or to work with you on landscape design helps.  It’ll avoid common and easy to make planning mistakes with your Denver home’s landscape.

Getting Started with a Landscaping Project

Home Page before(6)Many people have the impression that landscaping projects are only meant for the fall season. That isn’t right as you don’t have to wait for a given season to start doing what you love. Let us walk you through the practical steps that you need to get started.

First, you need to get in touch with a professional landscaping contractor to do the designing and planning. Depending on the complexity of the design, this part may take a minimum of one month. Summer is the best time to start this process so that you can get concretes cheaply. You also have enough time to do the grading plus any removals that are necessary. During this first phase, weed barrier, gravel, edges, paths and some grass can also be put into place.

It is best to install a drip system before bringing in gravel so as to avoid doing double work. Your landscape plan should capture more on this aspect. Failure to have a properly drawn plan will do lots of confusion and miscalculations which eventually leads to time wastage. What else is there to wait? Get on and start transforming your garden into a site to behold.

Wild Irishman is always happy to help you with your Denver landscaping projects!

Denver Cemetery Landscaping

Most cemeteries in Denver have their own maintenance staff, but getting the landscaping done in the first place can be a real challenge.  Wild Irishman of Denver is an expert landscaping company that can make the cemetery you are working for look beautiful and we can do things like sodding or grass planting to building beautiful entry and exit paths for different gravestones.

We understand every cemetery in Denver is different, we can help you manage your landscaping projects so that those who visit the deceased can have a special experience with beautiful landscaping to take away a little bit of the pain they feel while paying their respects.

We understand this is a touchy subject matter, but Wild Irishman can help your cemetery look beautiful for years to come.  Call us for a free estimate!

Landscapers in Denver

When a yard or lawn receives adequate care, it will grow and flourish like the garden oasis that a family deserves. In order for a facility to look fantastic, a professional landscaper can help. The professional can create a yard that is always a great place to be.

Plants and Shrubs
People have many ideas about what to have in a lawn or yard. A landscaper will identify the best plants to enhance a look. Perennials are an excellent way to sharpen a yard with a particular theme or look. Trees and shrubs can be very appropriate to provide shade to a lawn.

Thriving Grass
Everyone likes to have a yard that is low maintenance. A landscape contractor can provide helpful tips in enable grass to be green and healthy. There are times that a specific type of grass seed is all that is needed to enhance a yard.

Finding a landscaper who does all these things is not difficult when people in Denver, CO, can go to Wild Irishman. These professionals are available to provide assistance and friendly suggestions. They can be contacted today.