Xeriscape to Fight Droughts

As the drought in the western portion of the U.S. continues, many homeowners are wondering how they can maintain a healthy, attractive, and vigorous landscape while minimizing the use of irrigation. Xeriscaping is one way that the landscapers at Wild Irishman can create an attractive outdoor living space without the need for large amounts of water.

Xeriscaping Methods
In xeriscaping, the landscapers begin by creating a plan. Any necessary soil amendments are performed. An irrigation system may be added. Appropriate plants are added and mulch is placed to reduce evaporation and erosion.

Plants Used in Xeriscaping
In xeriscaping, landscapers select plants that are not just native to the area but are also known for their tolerance of dry conditions and minimal requirements for hydration. Various species of cacti are among the most popular plants used in xeriscapes. Homeowners who desire a traditional lawn might consider species such as buffalo grass and blue grama that require just 25 percent of the water used by traditional bluegrass. 

Advantages of Xeriscaping
Plants used in xeriscaping thrive with minimal water. Homeowners can save money on water and water is conserved to be used for other needs. Most xeriscape plants are low-maintenance and visually appealing, creating an interesting look to the property.

Benefits to a Xeriscape

General Landscape (2)Have you ever wished you could have a lovely landscaped yard, but lack the time and energy to keep up with all the work? Fortunately, there is an easy and affordable solution for Denver residents. The Wild Irishman offers a professional approach to designing and implementing the landscape design of your dreams. For example, with a Denver xeriscape, homeowners are relieved to discover that they not only are able to provide an environmentally friendly alternative to high maintenance landscape designs, but these designs require far less maintenance, leaving you to enjoy everything Colorado has to offer, rather than spending your precious weekends working in the yard.

A xeriscape incorporates native plants, trees and shrubs in order to enjoy their natural beauty without the need for excessive water usage. Of course, a major part of making sure your landscaping gets the water it needs is to provide the most efficient irrigation, often through the use of natural materials, such as gravel. Choosing drought hardy plans can provide additional cost savings over the expense of replanting lost landscaping elements during times of water shortage. Fortunately, the Wild Irishman can help you improve your landscape design while also providing the water-saving advantages of a Denver xeriscape designed specifically for your property.

Perennials in Denver

Growing Perennials in Shady Areas in Denver Back Yards

The dry soil of Denver can make it a challenge to create a thriving landscape. In yards that are shaded from the sun for much of the day, this makes the challenge of growing perennials even greater. While most perennial plants prefer full sunlight, the landscapers at Wild Irishman can help homeowners select and maintain a healthy perennial shade garden.

Which Perennials Do Best in Shade
Hostas offer vibrant foliage and delicate flowers that blossom during the middle of summer. Wild Irishman landscapers will select hostas that have blue-green foliage for the best results in a shady area. For a bright pop of color, coral bells are a wise choice. These plants require a rich and moist soil, so the landscapers will add organic mulch at least 3 inches thick around the plantings. Bleeding heart perennials offer a delicate heart shaped flower that blossoms through spring. This plant needs to be mulched in spring and prefers well-drained soil. 

Advantages of Perennials
Perennials are a cost-effective and water-conserving solution for the Denver homeowner. They return year after year and often spread to fill the area. The plants can be thinned and transplanted to additional areas.

Denver Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Creating the perfect setting to relax, unwind and enjoy life is a key part of excellent landscaping skills. The Wild Irishman has a variety of selections to meet your needs for outdoor lighting in Denver. Whether you are increasing visibility, ensuring additional security or setting the mood, using the correct fixtures and amperage will enhance your landscape making it more personal. 

Lights draw attention to beautifully sculpted pieces by using a low wattage light at the base of the foliage. Walkways become more visible with soft lighting for added security to those using these beautiful paths. When lighting is used to its best possible advantage, it creates a custom landscape to be proud of.

Just as important as the lights are the fixtures used. When not in use, these pieces enhance the garden, lawn or structures around them with poise and beauty. Their design and subtle lighting creates an atmosphere and sets the mood. 

Businesses, homes and properties all benefit from using the correct outdoor lighting in Denver. The added safety and security provides peace of mind for property owners while enhancing the professional, well-kept appearances of commercial and residential landscapes. Use the custom services of the Wild Irishman to get the perfect lighting setup.

How to Keep Your Grass Healthy

PIC19One of the keys to a beautiful lawn is to take good care of it. There are several things that you will need to do in order to care for your lawn. Below are some tips that will keep your lawn healthy:

Do Not Over-Fertilize

Fertilizing your lawn can help your grass grow faster. However, it is important to remember that you can overdo a good thing. If you fertilize your lawn too much, then it will grow too fast. This can make your grass more vulnerable to insects and diseases. Your grass and weather conditions are two of the main factors that affect how often you will need to fertilize the lawn. You probably will not need to fertilize your lawn more than five times per year.

Cut Off About 1/3 Off The Grass Blade

You do not want to cut off too much of the grass blade because your lawn will have a more difficult time thriving. It will also have a burnt out appearance.

Deal With Insects And Weeds

If you notice dry areas in your lawn or brown circles, then you could have a problem with weeds or insects. You should get these problems treated as soon as you can.

Hardscapes and Flagstone in Denver

PIC10Hardscape in Denver

Flagstone is a durable material that can add a visually appealing rustic look to your hardscape in Denver and make your home stand out. It has also been shown to add value to a home. The material has been used in construction for centuries. Common types of flagstone include bluestone, limestone, sandstone and volcanic stone. Depending upon the type of stone selected, the color can be soft brown, dramatic blue, beige or a range of red hues as well as white, orange and gold. As a result, this sedimentary rock, when split or cut into various shapes and sizes, can be used to complement or add a decorative design element to landscaping, walkways and other outdoor applications.

The attractiveness of this material is enhanced by the fact that no two stones are the alike. Flagstone can have a smooth or rough surface depending upon the application. Its non-slip surface makes flagstone suitable for patios and walkways. The stone can last for years, even when exposed to harsh climates. Flagstone also requires little or no maintenance. This makes it ideal for homeowners creating a Xeriscape or other natural, low maintenance setting around their home. When installing hardscape in Denver, ask Wild Irishman about the features and benefits of flagstone.

Water Features in Denver

Waterfall (1)Water features in Denver are all the rage right now! A new water feature not only adds beauty to your outdoor space, but can also add value to your property. There are some things to keep in mind when planning to add a water feature to your yard.

Space Available
Take the time to walk your yard to get an idea about how much space you have available to add a water feature. You will want to add something that fits comfortably in the space without taking over every inch of the yard. 

Is Yard Flat or Hilly?
While walking your property, take the time to notice if it is flat or varying heights. You will want to choose a water feature that will fit in naturally. If your yard is flat, you might consider a fountain. 

Your Junior Explores
No matter how shallow, water features can be dangerous to small children. If you have children, you will want to choose a tall water feature that is out of their reach. 

When planning your water feature, you will want to create a budget that you can afford and stick to it. From wells to tranquility pools, there are a variety of features available to fit every budget 

Denver Professional Landscaping

Flagstone wall and stepsHiring a professional landscaper offers a number of benefits. Most people hire landscapers because they want to improve the way that their lawn looks. However, a pretty lawn is not the only benefit that can be reaped from professional landscaping. 

Landscaping can help add value to your home. According to the Associated Landscapers Of America, landscaping can help increase the resale value of a building by up to 14 percent. You can also increase the value of your property by up to 20 percent.

One study showed that 83 percent of realtors believed that mature trees had either a 
moderate or strong impact on the sales of homes that cost less than $150,000. The study also showed that 98 percent of realtors believed that mature trees had a strong or moderate impact on homes that cost more than $250,000.

Landscaping can also help you save money. Tree shading an outdoor air conditioner unit can increase the efficiency by nearly 10 percent. It can also help you save up to 20 percent on your electric bill. 

One of the keys to getting the most out of landscaping is to choose the right landscaper. If you are trying to find a great landscaper in Denver, then you should contact Wild Irishman.

Lawn Edging and Other Landscape Services

Brick patioLawn edging is one of the most important services that many landscaping companies like Wild Irishman perform. Lawn edging is the process that consists of keeping the edges of lawns neat and tidy. No matter how well-kept a lawn is, if the edge of the lawn is allowed to grow over and doesn’t stay properly trimmed, then the lawn will not look polished. 

In addition to trimming the edges of lawns to keep them maintained and clean-looking lawn edging also consists of repairing dead patches of lawn. For instance, if a patch of a lawn is damaged on the edge of the lawn, then it must be repaired to keep all your edges alive and health. To address dead or damaged lawn edges, landscapers can apply seeds to the affected areas and rotate them so that the newly seeded areas are on the inside of the lawn while a fresh, healthy portion is on the edge. 

Some of the other services that landscapers can perform include trimming shrubs, bushes and other plants and greenery that a landscape features. Landscapers do more than just trimming grass, though. They can also help people install irrigation systems to ensure that their landscapes are always properly watered if they don’t have time to do so themselves. 

Custom Fencing in Denver

PIC19Privacy is an important feature to many residents who are looking for custom fencing in Denver. The Wild Irishman has a wide array of fencing options that will add style to any home, property or business while increasing its security and privacy. Whether its bricks, woodwork or any of the other options available, the fence should enhance the structures and atmosphere of the area it surrounds.

Beautiful cast iron fences were all the rage in the early 1900’s but they would offer little privacy today. By mixing and matching various fencing designs, it is possible to incorporate the elegance and luxury you want with the stylish, well-designed borders needed today. Small fences highlight gorgeous flagstone walkways. Brick posts create elegance while providing quiet stability and structure to the fence. There is a variety of lighting options that can added to the gateway and along the top of the structure to meet any visibility requirements. 

Choose any designs for custom fencing in Denver and recreate the sophistication and style needed for complete relaxation and enjoyment. Expand the usable outdoor areas with reliable fencing that increases its value and beauty. The Wild Irishman has the superior materials and custom designs needed to make dreams a reality.