Outdoor Kitchen Installation in Denver

PIC14Outdoor Kitchen in Denver

Wild Irishman has a variety of plans that can help you maximize your new outdoor kitchen in Denver. Whether it’s formal or informal, creating a new outdoor dining area is exciting. Not only does it expand the usable space of the property, it increases its value and versatility. This makes is a much sought after option when it is time to sell. 

Eating outdoors is often more relaxing and enjoyable after a long day at work. It provides a sense of luxury and personal fulfillment for families, neighbors and friends. A simple grill or full kitchen set up with all the bells and whistles can enhance a deck, patio or gazebo instantly. Built in seating, the quiet background noise of a waterfall, beautiful flagstones and the perfect landscape create the atmosphere that fits the owner’s personality.

The Wild Irishman provides individual, custom choices that fit the need of any outdoor kitchen in Denver. Brickwork, laid up stone or beautifully set woodwork all combine together to create the personality and style needed. Each set up is designed to enhance the structures and contours found naturally on the site. With a little imagination and creativity, a new kitchen creates a subtle addition that is not often obvious until you begin cooking.

Benefits of Xeriscaping

General-LandscapingDenver Landscaper Blog-Benefits Of Xeriscaping

Xeriscape is a term that is derived from two Greek words, “xeros” and “scape.” Xeros means dry and scape means a kind of scene or view. Simply put, xeriscaping is landscaping with drought-tolerant, slow-growing plants. The purpose of xeriscaping is to establish a landscape that is waste-efficient.

There are a number of benefits that can be reaped from xeriscaping. One of the main benefits is water conservation. When you save water, you will be able to save money on your water bill. Xeriscaping also helps you save money on landscaping. Green shrubbery costs a lot more than xeriscaping products. Additionally, rocks cost less turf.

Xeriscaping will also help you save time. Xeriscaping plants require less maintenance. You will also not have to worry about pushing your lawn mower on a hot summer day or paying someone else to take care of the job. Furthermore, many people believe that xeriscaping is visually-appealing than lawns.

If you are looking for a landscaper in Denver who offers xeriscaping services, then you should consider contacting Wild Irishman. Wild Irishman has had over 15 years of experience in providing quality landscaping services. You will not only be able to get great service, but you will also be able to get service for a price that you can afford.

Xeriscape Advantages

General Landscape (2)Xeriscape helps homeowners save money when it comes to managing their lawncare needs. The term refers to the use of a gardening or landscaping style that requires little water for upkeep. In arid environments like Denver, this option is a popular one because it gives homeowners the attractive lawn they desire with lower energy costs and fewer maintenance requirements. 

There are seven principles for this approach to landscaping. Most principles involve reducing water consumption, improving soil quality, and enhancing design on some level. There are several advantages to the xeriscape landscaper approach. 

Xeriscape Advantages

• Lower utility costs
• Easier upkeep
• Opportunities for recycling
• Preservation of natural resources
• Fewer hours in labor for lawn maintenance

To implement a landscaping plan like this, a professional would likely be required to develop the layout and identify the necessary components to achieve the outcome. The site, condition of the soil and environmental conditions are considered as well as the homeowner’s design aspirations.

The biggest advantage to xeriscape is that it saves homeowners money in utility costs. In regions like Denver, which is subject to harsh or dry conditions during certain seasons, xeriscape landscaping may be worth looking into for homeowners interested in the savings.

Garden Decks in Denver

Wild Irishman has a variety of plans, projects and ideas for affordable garden decks in Denver. These decks not only increase the usable outdoor living space, property values go up and it is easier to sell, even when the real estate markets are in a slump. 

Garden decks come in a variety of styles and designs. They can be attached to a building or create a stand-alone focal point. There is a wide assortment of deck materials to consider, such as bricks, wood and stone. Properly arranged, they highlight small ponds, water features and even herb or vegetable gardens. Some garden decks contain an enclosed outdoor kitchen and grill set-up that make entertaining and relaxing an enjoyable event. 

Whether you dream of a small orchard, sustainable living or luxurious backyard gardens, choosing the right deck for the right garden is important. The proper structure will highlight the contours and benefits of the garden without distracting from its beauty. Garden decks in Denver are often poised to maximize views and enjoy the local wildlife. Positioning for full usage is an important part of the planning process provided by the Wild Irishman. Easy access and quality workmanship ensure a long life and continued use of the garden deck.

Custom Landscaping in Denver

We'll Design Your Landscape Project before we start it!

We’ll Design Your Landscape Project before we start it!

Custom Landscaping Designs for Denver 

The Wild Irishman has a variety of custom landscaping designs for Denver residents and businesses. Outside kitchens, patios and decks all help create a focal point to enjoy a view, pond or garden. Custom landscaping options highlight those features that make each property unique. This provides the luxurious relaxation and entertainment area that many look for when purchasing or selling a home, building or lot. 

Families benefit from custom landscaping designs for their properties. These features are noninvasive and help keep your lawn healthy and strong while maximizing its usage. Customizing the plant life and using sustainable materials allow for continued growth and enjoyment. These practices extend their usage while reducing the amount of maintenance and repairs needed. The various “green” solutions available help protect the environment, your family and the community without the use of pesticides, contaminants and dangerous pollutants.

Whether it is an interest in sustainable urban gardening or maximizing outdoor living, the Wild Irishman will use the best possible methods needed to provide custom landscaping designs for Denver properties and homes. By offering before and after photos, it is easy to see what the results will be right from the start. No need to second-guess choices or decisions, the proof is readily available. 

Getting Ready for Spring

SilvermanDenver Landscaper Blog-How To Get Your Yard Ready For The Spring 

Spring is a time of the year that many people look forward to because of the warm weather. If you are like a lot of people, then you probably spend a lot of time outdoors during the spring months. That is why you will need to start preparing your yard for the spring right now.

You will need to rake all of the debris away from winter and fall. This includes things such as sticks and leaves. The leftover debris on your lawn can get in the way of planting seeds, watering and mowing the lawn. Raking not only helps remove debris, but it also helps loosen the surface of the soil. This helps encourage healthy airflow.

You should mow your grass with a sharp blade. Cut off about 1/3 of the grass blade. This will encourage your grass to grow healthier and thicker. How often you need to cut your grass is dependent upon how fast it grows. However, you will probably need to cut your grass once a week during the spring months.

If you are looking for a landscaper in Denver, then you should consider contacting Wild Irishman. Wild Irishman has been in the business for 15 years and offers a variety of services for a great price.

Water Gardens in Denver

Water feature (2)The Wild Irishman can increase the versatility of your landscape with a small water garden. These gardens add dimension, character and beauty from the smallest gazing pool to the largest self-contained waterfall and burbling stream. The soothing flow of personal water gardens in Denver provide the customized setting needed for entertaining, relaxing and making greater use of outdoor living areas. 

Individual water gardens create personality and enhance the natural contours of your property. They can be set up to provide quick, easy irrigation for your plants, shrubs and trees through a drip system. This minimizes waste and allows plants to absorb the water from the roots where they need it the most. A small bench, hammock or picnic area next to the stream or waterfall provides further areas to relax, meditate or visit. This increases the use of the outdoor living space and adds value to your investment.

Well-planned water gardens in Denver create a landscape that can be enjoyed throughout the year. They are adaptable and increase the flexibility of any garden, yard and property. By using the latest techniques and methods available, the Wild Irishman can create a personal get-a-way, a self-sustaining garden or a beautiful entertaining area for family, friends and neighbors. 

Adding Soil for Xeriscapes

When xeriscaping a lawn, landscapers and homeowners need to be aware of the needs of the plant life used. Many areas designed with xeriscaping will benefit from composting. Compost materials help the soil to retain water. However, some plants commonly used in xeriscaping actually benefit more from gravel-based soils containing fewer nutrients.

In the Denver area, most native plants will benefit from composting. Although minimal composting is required, most plants will thrive with one to two inches of compost material spread over the area. After composting, the clay-based local soil up to six inches deep, landscapers can effectively plant low-maintenance native flora.

Homeowners who have large patches of land in full sunlight might prefer to landscape using cacti instead of native flora. This type of vegetation provides a viable alternative for those wishing to use xeriscaping techniques, but soil preparation will be considerably different. Sandy soil is best, and a cactus garden requires only about 10 percent organic material. The average rainfall in the Denver area should provide about the right amount of moisture to cacti grown outdoors.

Xeriscaping in Denver can be done using a wide variety of plant life, and those choosing this earth-friendly technique can select from several different looks to find what most appeals to them.

Flagstone Walkways and Patios

Flagstone patio (3)If you are looking for a contractor who specializes in flagstone decks, flagstone paths and flagstone walkways, you are in the right place.  With over 15 years of landscaping experience in Denver, Wild Irishman has done hundreds of projects with flagstone.  We pride ourselves on making the flagstone we work with improve the look and beauty of your home.

Flagstone is very popular and you want a landscape contractor who can get the materials, do the prep and install the patio or walkway for you.  We do the whole job without the use of subcontractors.  We are 100% invested in the beautification of your home’s landscaping.  We also work with brick and can do the same work with brick as we can with flagstone (some of those pictures are also below so you can see the difference).

Give us a call our fill out our form on the bottom of this page to get a quote.  We also invite you to view some sample photos of projects we have completed in the past using flagstone here in Denver!  Thanks for your interest in our flagstone services!

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Brick patio (3)




Brick patio (2)


Brick patio


Flagstone Path1


Flagstone Path



Flagstone patio


Brick and flagstone (2)

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Denver Landscapers

General-LandscapingWhen searching for a Denver Landscaper Wild Irishman would love to be the company you turn to.  We have qualified landscapers who can assist you with many different landscape projects.  

Some of the common projects we work on include:

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