Artificial Grass Installation

Experienced Artificial Grass Installation Professionals

Looking for all the benefits of a lush green lawn but don’t want to worry about the hassle of maintenance, water wastage, and mess?

Wild Irishman Tree & Landscape Design has the perfect solution! Artificial or Synthetic Turf installation grants you all the aesthetic benefits of natural grass, without the headache.

Our skilled designers and artificial grass installation experts have the knowledge and skills to make your backyard dreams come true.

Contact us today to speak to a Wild Irishman representative for a consultation on making your vision come to life!

Reduce Water Wastage

Save on the water bill, and still have a beautiful yard--even in a drought.

Always Looks Great

No matter the time of year or weather, your lawn will keep on looking great.

No Need for Pesticides

Fertilizers and pesticides are not needed when you have an artificial lawn.

Eliminate the Work

No more mowing, watering, and general upkeep needed!

Bye-Bye Mess

Pets and children won't track mud or dig up your lawn with our synthetic option.

Pet Friendly

Rest assured that your furry companions can run and play with no harm to them!

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Duane O’Hara, President of the Wild Irishman Tree and Landscape Inc., in Denver has been providing landscaping services in Denver and the surrounding metro areas since 1999. At Wild Irishman we pride ourselves on our success at all levels from small residential to large commercial projects. Our design team of a landscape designer and architecht can design any landscape to meet specifications of all city codes - regarding the designs. Learn More or call us at (303) 233-1302.

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