Why Buy Used Auto Parts from CAP?

Top reasons customers love CAP in Colorado Springs.

By Ben Silver - May 20, 2020

CAP is proud to serve Colorado and the entire United States with Qaulity Used Auto Parts!  Here's what our customers love about use...
  • Over 40 Years in Business! Experience matters when it comes to used auto parts.
  • Locally owned and operated small business.  We're not a large corporation, but we're big enough to have a great inventory and top shelf business practices.
  • Massive inventory and selection of used auto parts. 
  • Almost 1000 salvage vehicles on-site that are constantly rotated to keep our inventory fresh.
  • We're a TEAM PRP Member, which means we are the "Cream of the Crop" for Auto Salvage Yards and carry top quality used auto parts.
  • Tested and Guaranteed Used Engines and Transmissions.  We stand behind our product and test it before it's sold.
  • All Makes and Models are carried, and if we don't have it, we have the Team PRP Network of salvage yards to locate it and provide it for you.
  • Fast and Free Delivery to Commercial locations in the Denver Metro Area and Colorado Springs!
  • Professional, Experienced Sales Team
  • Great Standard Warranty and options for Labor Warranty Coverage
Call us today for great service and top quality used auto parts!

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