Caring for Your Xeriscaped Denver Landscape Design in Fall

September 20, 2021

When it comes to caring for your Denver landscaping, you know that colder weather presents an entirely new set of challenges. That’s part of why so many Denver homeowners choose to incorporate xeriscaping into their designs. However, just because the desert landscaping style is easier to care for doesn’t mean you can neglect it entirely when the weather turns. You still need to maintain your xeriscaping elements during the winter months. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t panic. Here are a few key things to take care of once fall is in full swing.

Water While You Can

Even xeriscaped yards still need to be watered if you want the plants to thrive. However, once the temperatures drop, your watering schedule will need to change. As a general rule, you can continue to water anytime the temperatures are above freezing and the ground isn’t frozen solid. Just make sure to water during the middle of the day and stop before the ground has a chance to freeze at night. This will keep your plants in better shape for longer.

Make Use of Mulch

Even the hardiest desert plants need added protection from frost and erosion. Spread a layer of mulch around the plant beds and cover the roots thoroughly. Over the course of the winter, the mulch will break down and replenish the nutrient content in the soil. Come spring, your plants will be able to grow more effectively earlier in the season.

Give Hardscape Elements a Good Cleaning

One of the key elements of any good xeriscape design is hardscape elements. These can take the form of decorative rocks, retaining walls, walkways, and benches. Over the course of the summer, they can get dirtier than you expect. As part of your fall maintenance routine, give those elements a good deep cleaning. Use pressure washers to scrub dirt and lichen off of paving stones and flagstones. Sweep loose gravel back into the beds and scrub down any benches you have in your yard. This will give the space a clean and refreshed appearance for the winter months and makes getting the yard ready in the spring much easier.

Do a Final Weeding Session

Weeds have a way of popping up late into the growing season. Stay on top of things by weeding your yard before the weather shifts for good. Avoid using commercial weed killers as these can hurt the rest of your yard and put the health of your pets and any wildlife in the area at risk.

Leave It to the Pros

If all else fails or you’re not sure what types of maintenance your yard needs, don’t leave it up to chance. Schedule an appointment with Wild Irishman Tree & Landscape. Our experienced team will help you get your yard ready for everything winter can throw its way. No matter what type of plants or landscape design you have in place, we’re here to help. Once spring rolls around, we’ll be able to get your yard ready for the growing season quickly, too. 

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