The Surprising Benefits of Getting Kids into Gardening From Your Denver Landscaping Experts

March 17, 2021

Getting your kids to spend time outdoors when the weather is nice isn’t always easy. You need to find ways to draw them away from video games, tablets, and TV shows that somehow dominate their attention each day. Luckily, getting them into gardening and teaching them the basics of gardening and landscaping in Denver is both easy, fun, and beneficial for their growth and development. Here are a few surprising ways that getting your kids out in nature and encouraging them to garden can help.

Relieves Stress

Ordinarily, kids are taught to stay clean at all times. They wash their hands, take their shoes off when they’re muddy, and have to do what they can to keep themselves and their spaces relatively tidy. But when they’re in the garden, your kids are able to get dirty and play in the dirt without worrying about getting in trouble. This can help relieve feelings of stress and boosts their mood each time. 

Gives Them a Sense of Responsibility

When your kids are younger, it’s easy to focus on taking care of things for them. But most kids actively want to be responsible for at least one small aspect of their lives. Getting them into gardening can give them that sense of responsibility. Appoint them as the chief caretaker of a particular plant or section of the garden. Show them what to do but let them perform the tasks whenever you can. This way, they’ll be able to see what dedication and effort can do over time and develop a sense of responsibility through the season.

Teaches Them Useful Skills

Believe it or not, gardening teaches kids incredibly useful skills. They’ll build coordination when they’re digging, planting, and watering. They’ll develop observational skills as they monitor their plants’ health, and will learn patience as they wait for their plants to grow. These skills will stick with them for life.

It Gives You a Way to Bond and Connect

Life is busy and, all too often, finding time to spend with those you love can be difficult. By getting your kids into gardening and letting them help you with landscaping maintenance, you’ll be able to spend quality time together each week. During those periods, you and your child will be able to connect and bond. When you have a strong relationship, your child will feel more comfortable coming to you with their problems and their concerns.

Getting Kids into Landscaping Is Smart

If you’re looking for ways to spend quality time with your child while getting them away from their electronics, gardening is a great option. Once they have the opportunity to get their hands dirty, your kids will start to develop the gardening bug and can help you further maintain and develop your landscape over the years. Just make sure that your yard is ready for them to help. Contact Wild Irishman Tree and Landscape today. Our experienced team will help you create a landscape design that’s kid friendly, manageable, and eye-catching all at once. Schedule your free estimate today.
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