3 Signs That Artificial Grass Is the Best Choice for Your Denver Landscape Design

March 4, 2021

Your lawn is one of the most noticeable parts of your Denver landscape. When it’s lush and green, it’s eye-catching and adds value to your home. But when it’s underperforming, it makes your entire landscape design look shabby at best. Switching to artificial or synthetic grass is a simple way to guarantee that your yard looks pristine at all times. So, how can you tell if making the switch to synthetic grass is right for your home? These are a few tell-tale signs that it’s high time to ditch your natural grass for good.

1. You’re Tired of Mowing
Mowing is the one yard maintenance task that no one enjoys doing. It takes hours and when the weather is pleasant, your grass seems to grow several inches each week. That means you’re stuck spending time behind the lawn mower on your days off when you could be relaxing or spending time with those you love most. 

If you’re tired of mowing the lawn each week and want to free up time once and for all, switching to synthetic grass is your best bet. You never have to mow the blades and as long as you spray it down once in a while, the grass will continue looking like new and properly manicured for years to come. 

2. Your Kids and Pets Are Tearing up the Lawn

Nothing is better for young kids and pets than playing in a lush green lawn. The grass is like a natural carpet that absorbs impact and provides a safe place for them to roughhouse and run around. Unfortunately, those same activities can be especially tough on the grass itself. If your kids and pets are tearing up your lawn and leaving bare patches in their wake, switching may be a great idea.

Artificial grass is incredibly durable and can withstand even rough play without showing signs of wear and tear. It’s why so many football and soccer stadiums prefer synthetic grass over the real thing! You’ll never have to worry about spreading seed to cover those unsightly bare patches again.

3. Your Water Bill Is Overly High
Grass is arguably the thirstiest plant in most peoples’ yards. You need to water it several times each week during the dry season if you want it to continue growing well. This can leave you with an overly high water bill if you’re not careful. 

If you’re tired of paying a premium for your lawn during the summer months, switching to synthetic grass may be worth the investment. You’ll never have to water the blades just to keep them green, thereby saving you money each month on your water bill. 

Ready to Make the Switch?
If you’re ready to make the switch, don’t settle for low-quality synthetic grass lawns that look as artificial as the green on a mini-golf course. Invest in a lawn that looks as great as it feels underfoot. Contact our team to request a free, no-obligation estimate and see for yourself just how amazing a new synthetic lawn can be.  
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