What to Consider When Adding a Fire Pit to Your Denver Landscape Design

January 27, 2021

Making the most of your backyard means turning your attention to your home’s landscape design. While plants can certainly set the tone and help you create the feeling of a backyard getaway, adding extra features can help you make your space truly become a retreat. Adding a fire pit is one of the best ways to do just that. But before you can light your first backyard fire, you need to consider a few key things to make sure that adding a fire pit to your Denver landscaping is worth the investment. 

Think About How Often You’ll Use It

Before you go about finding a fire pit and paying for the installation, you need to make sure it’s the right investment for your family’s needs. Think about how much you’ll actually use the fire pit. For example, if your family prefers to gather indoors around a fireplace or you’d prefer to devote the space to an outdoor kitchen, installing a fire pit won’t give you the most bang for your buck. However, if you and your loved ones dream of being able to enjoy a campfire without leaving home or look for any excuse to roast marshmallows outside on a warm summer night, installing a fire pit is a good idea.

Look for a Spot With Enough Space

If you’re sure that adding a fire pit will be a good investment for your family’s entertainment and comfort, you’re ready to look for a good spot to install it. Ideally, you’ll choose a location that’s convenient to your home but far enough away from the structure to reduce the risk of structural fires or damage. If you’re not sure where the best spot is, consult with your landscaping team. They’ll help you pick the best location in your yard and can tell you what steps you need to take to get the spot ready. Just make sure that the spot you choose has enough space to accommodate different seating options.

Consider the Style You Want

Once you have the perfect location in mind, you’ll need to think about the style of fire pit you want to install. There are hundreds of options to choose from here. You can build a custom stonework support structure to provide a more natural feel. You can go modern and install a metal encased pit that blends perfectly with contemporary architecture. It all depends on the tone you’re trying to set and the designs you like most. Once you have a style in mind, you’ll want to choose a fire pit that’s large enough to put out warmth but small enough to work in your yard. 

Leave the Installation to the Pros

No matter what type of fire pit you choose, you’ll want to leave the installation work to the pros. Contact our team to request a free estimate for your new fire pit and let our experts show you just how easy it will be to transform your yard into a paradise that will make staying at home still feel like you’re on vacation.
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