Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Denver Landscape Lighting in Good Shape This Winter

November 12, 2020

The right landscape lighting design can make all the difference in the impact your yard has. During the winter months when your Denver landscaping isn’t actively blooming or growing, your lighting becomes even more important. It adds depth to the space and makes your trees, shrubs, and xeriscape elements more impactful. The best thing you can do is make sure your lights are in good shape before winter is in full swing. Here are a few simple outdoor lighting maintenance tips to help you do just that.

Inspect the Fixtures for Damage

Exposed wires, cracked housing, and damaged fixtures can all cause problems for your home’s landscape lighting. Take the time to inspect each light fixture for signs of damage. Check the exterior housing for dents, cracks, or broken edges that could get worse when the snow falls. Inspect the wiring for any signs of wear and call your electrician as soon as you notice anything out of the ordinary. The sooner you can get them fixed, the better off your yard will be. Remember, exposed wires and snowmelt don’t mix and ignoring the problem only increases your risk of fires around your home.

Replace the Light Bulbs

The sun sets much earlier in the winter months. This means you’ll need to rely on your landscape lighting for more hours throughout the day. All that use does increase the likelihood that the bulbs will burn out when you need them the most. Start checking on your lights now. If you notice the bulbs looking dimmer than usual, flickering, or otherwise having trouble producing the quality of light you want, replace them. If you’re worried about your electric bill, choose an LED bulb rather than a standard incandescent bulb. These last much longer and use a fraction of the electricity that other bulbs require.

Schedule Any Repairs Quickly

If you notice any problems with your outdoor lighting, don’t put off repairs until spring. You need those lights to work when the winter weather kicks in. If you don’t take care of repairs quickly, you won’t be able to benefit from your outdoor lighting when the days are short. Prioritize those repairs and schedule appointments as soon as you notice an issue.

Make a Plan for Snowfall

Your outdoor lighting works best when it can cast light without objects blocking the bulb. Though this is easy when snow isn’t’ in the way, that snowpack can cause your lights to dim or be hidden entirely. Create a plan for those heavy snowfalls before they happen. Mark the locations of each light fixture and clear the area of snow by hand. Avoid using any shovels or tools as they can damage your fixtures quickly. 

Keep Your Lights Shining Bright

Keeping your outdoor lighting in good shape is the best way to make your Denver landscape design look as great at you want it to. Follow these key tips and you’ll be able to keep your lights shining bright all winter long. If you notice any problems or just want an expert to inspect your lights, contact us today.
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