Denver Landscaping Fence Maintenance Tips for the Winter Months

November 5, 2020

Winter weather can be unpredictable along the Front Range. Some storms come with light, fluffy snow that makes your home look festive and cozy. Others come with near-hurricane-force winds that knock your decorations out of place and leave you picking up tons of debris. Few things are worse than discovering that your fence has gotten knocked down or damaged by a storm. While you can’t control the weather, you can keep your Denver landscape design and fencing looking great. Here are a few proven tips to help you do just that. 

Clear the Leaves

When the leaves start falling, they seem harmless enough. Unfortunately, they can cause some serious damage both to your landscaping and your fencing. Those leaves trap moisture and create an ideal environment for pests and insects to nest when the weather turns cold. If left unaddressed, those leaves and the pests nesting inside them can damage the fencing materials themselves. If the damage is bad enough, you may have to replace that portion of the fence entirely. Instead, get in the habit of clearing the leaves as soon as they start to pile up. Toss them into your compost pile or throw them away when you take out the garbage.

Shovel Away the Snow Drifts

Warped fencing can make your yard less secure. Unfortunately, letting snow drifts sit against the panels of your fence can cause your fence to shift and warp. The moisture from the snow sits against the fence materials and soaks in. Worse, the weight of the snowdrifts can push against your fence, increasing the risk of it falling down in inclement weather. Instead, shovel the drifts away from the fence when you see them building up. You don’t have to clear them away completely—just enough to relieve pressure and keep the bulk of your fence dry. The sun will take care of the rest.

Get Your Trees Trimmed

Trimming your trees is one of the best things you can do for your entire property during the winter months, but it’s especially helpful for your fence. Snow is heavy and, if enough collects on the branches, they can snap and fall unexpectedly. If the branches land on your fence, you’ll be in for some serious and costly repairs. Before the next major snowfall, schedule an inspection with your tree trimming team and let them assess the branches that hang over your fence. They’ll be able to remove any potentially problematic branches quickly, thereby preserving your fence for the winter months.

Don’t Let Winter Destroy Your Fence

Winter weather can be harsh in the Denver metro area and it’s been known to dramatically change the way homeowners’ landscaping looks when spring rolls around. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be able to keep your fence and your landscaping looking great so you can focus on enjoying the snow rather than worrying about expensive repairs. Schedule a preventative fence maintenance appointment today and get your fence ready for all that winter can throw its way.
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