How to Make Your Denver Landscaping Pet and Kid Friendly This Fall

October 23, 2020

The afternoons may be shorter but that doesn’t mean your kids and pets will want to spend less time outside. After all, there are falling leaves to play in, early snowfall to enjoy, and tons of excess energy from all those remote classes to burn off. This means you need to make your Denver landscape design conducive to all that play and rumpus. Luckily, getting your yard ready is easier than you might think. These are a few of the most important tasks to take care of that will keep your kids and pets safer during the fall.

Rake and Bag the Leaves
Fallen leaves may be fun to roll in, but you shouldn’t leave them in a pile in your yard for an extended period of time. The longer those leaves sit, the more insects, pests, and unwanted critters will start to nest in the pile. This puts your kids and pets at risk for unexpected bites and can even lead to an infestation of your home. Instead, stay on top of your raking and bag the leaves after letting your kids play in them once or twice. This will keep those pests at bay all winter long.

Trim Your Trees
Falling limbs are no joke. Even small ones are heavy and can hurt young kids and dogs if they fall at the wrong time. The best thing you can do is trim your trees before the weather gets much colder. Your landscaping team will be able to assess the health of each branch and make sure that any damaged or hazardous limbs get removed before they can do any damage. During that appointment, your landscapers can also prune and trim any shrubs on the property to help you maintain a nicer looking exterior even when other plants aren’t growing.

Protect Your Perennials
Though it’s unlikely that your kids or pets will get hurt by trampling your garden bed, it’s highly likely that your perennial plants will. Even a single misplaced ball can hurt your plants’ future growth or, worse, kill the plant entirely. Whenever possible, protect your perennials before letting kids and pets play near them. Install a decorative fence around the garden bed or cover them with a hoop and tarp system to create a visible barrier. This way, kids will be less likely to trample them and stray balls will hit the tarp rather than the plants themselves. 

Protecting Your Landscaping Is Simple

By following these simple tips, you’ll be able to protect your home’s landscaping well into the winter months. The less damage your kids and pets can cause when playing outside, the better your garden will be able to bounce back once the weather warms up. If you’re not comfortable making these improvements yourself or you just want an expert opinion to help you identify potential hazards, don’t wait. Contact our team and schedule a consultation as soon as possible. We’ll help you keep your yard looking great even when there’s several inches of snow on the ground.
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