Sprinklers vs. Drop Irrigation: Which is Best for Your Denver Landscaping?

September 15, 2020

As a homeowner, you know that the right landscape design can make all the difference in the way your property looks. No matter what types of plants you install, you’re going to have to keep them properly watered every week if you want them to grow well. Watering by hand is always an option. However, it takes time and isn’t the most efficient way to use your water supply. Instead, you’ll need to choose between a sprinkler system or a drip irrigation system if you want to keep your water bills low. Here’s how to choose the best system for your landscaping.

Look at the Types of Plants You Have
The best type of irrigation system for your home largely depends on the types of plants you have in your landscape design. For example, if your yard is almost entirely made up of grass, a sprinkler system will be a better choice. It covers more ground with fewer components than a standard drip irrigation system. However, if you have tons of leafy plants or flowers in your landscaping, a drip irrigation system will work better. Drip irrigation system targets water directly to the plants’ roots. This helps reduce the risk of leaf scorch and keeps the flowers from getting beaten up by falling spray when they’re in full bloom.

Consider Your Water Bill
Sprinkler systems cover tons of space with every head installed. That said, since the water gets distributed in a spray pattern and has to soak in from the surface to the roots, there’s also a lot of evaporation that occurs. This means you’ll need more water to adequately hydrate your yard. Drip irrigation, on the other hand, waters your plants underground. Over the course of the growing season, you’ll be able to save whole gallons of water from evaporating or running off into the drainage ditch.

Pay Attention to Your Work Habits
If you’re a serious gardener, you know that few things are worse than kneeling in a mud puddle while you work on your garden. Anytime you let your sprinkler system run, you increase the likelihood of having to deal with mud puddles across your yard. However, if you rely on a drip irrigation system, you’ll be able to keep the top layer of dirt dry. This can make working in your garden much more pleasant, especially if you tend to work early in the morning or late in the evening during prime sprinkler system hours.

Making the Decision Can Be Tough
Deciding between a sprinkler system and a drip irrigation system can be a difficult choice to make. It’s part of why so many homeowners choose to install both in different parts of their yards. No matter what you decide to go with, you don’t have to struggle with the decision on your own. Reach out to Wild Irishman Tree and Landscape and let our experienced landscape design team help you figure out which system will work best for your yard. Once you make your choice, we’ll even be able to handle the installation for you so you can start watering your yard with confidence.
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