How to Keep Your Denver Landscaping Flagstones Looking Great

August 19, 2020

Adding a patio to your Denver landscape design is one of the best ways to make your outdoor space more functional and beautiful. However, keeping that patio in good condition once it’s installed is the only way to make sure your patio lasts for years to come. The maintenance requirements will vary depending on the types of materials you install, but if you follow them closely, your patio will look just as great as it did when it was brand new. Here’s what you need to do to care for your flagstone patio.

Keep It as Dry as Possible
Flagstones are incredibly durable and won’t break down when exposed to frequent moisture. However, they can and will get discolored. The easiest way to prevent staining and discoloration is to keep your flagstones as dry as you can. After heavy rainstorms, grab a sponge mop and absorb the excess water as much as possible. You don’t have to worry about completely drying the stones. Just soak up any puddles before they have a chance to stain the surface.

Sweep the Patio Weekly
Dirt has a way of getting embedded in flagstones quickly. When it does, it can leave what looks like surface-level stains that are difficult to remove. Stay on top of those stains and buildup by sweeping the flagstones at least once a week. Use a stiff-bristled natural straw broom for best results. The broom won’t damage the stone and will be able to pick up even fine bits of dirt to keep your patio looking great.

Clean Spills as Soon as They Happen
When you’re using your patio regularly, spills will happen frequently. The best way to keep beverages and food from marring your flagstone’s finish and color is to clean them up as soon as they happen. Grab your garden hose and spray the area down while the spill is still wet. This will get rid of any buildup before it has time to soak into the flagstone. 

Blast Through Set Stains With a Flagstone Cleaner
If you miss a few spills or notice buildup staining your patio, don’t reach for a pressure washer. This can damage the stone’s surface and leave you with chipped and pitted pavers. Instead, use a dedicated flagstone cleaner to lift up the stain. These cleaners are available at most hardware stores, but if you’re not sure which one will work for your patio, call your landscaper and ask for advice. They’ll recommend a few products that will do the trick without damaging the stone.

Need a Pro to Help?
Some stains and damage are just too extensive for homeowners to take care of on their own. Instead of ignoring them and considering them a part of your patio now, get help from an experienced professional. Contact Wild Irishman Tree and Landscape and let our crew help you keep your patio in good condition. We’re here to help whether you need a simple touch-up or want to completely replace your current patio with new materials. 
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