How to Create a Drought-Resistant Denver Landscape Design

July 10, 2020

Denver is lucky enough to get a fair amount of rain and snow each year, but sometimes, the dry seasons last well into the summer. Those long periods without moisture can seriously hurt your home’s landscaping. With a bit of preparation and a few simple changes, you’ll be able to make your Denver landscaping as drought-resistant as possible. Here are a few simple things you can do right now to get your yard ready for the dry season.

Pull Weeds
Weeds do more than just make your yard look uncared-for. They steal the nutrients your other plants need to thrive. This includes water. Head out to your yard and look for weeds. Rather than using a toxic spray, pull them up. You can always use a weeding hook to remove the more stubborn weeds without having to hurt your fingers. Do this at least once a month and stay on top of your weed removal each month. This will help the plants you want to keep get the most nutrients and withstand dry spells easily. 

Consider Downsizing Your Lawn
Grass is one of the thirstiest plants out there. When you water it regularly, it will thrive, but it will also cause your water bill to skyrocket. If the city ever implements watering restrictions, it will be the first of your plants to show wear and tear. Instead of leaving it as the focal point of your home’s landscape design, downsize it. Find ways to incorporate xeriscape elements into your yard, add hardscaping elements like benches, decorative retaining walls, and even sculptures to draw the eye away from your grass. The smaller your lawn is, the easier it will be to keep alive during those dry spells.

Invest in Drought Tolerant Plants
Some plants are naturally better at thriving when rain and moisture is sparse. Look for drought tolerant plants and incorporate them into your landscaping. These could be natural grasses, Colorado-native wild flowers, and even succulents. All of them add natural beauty to your yard without putting strain on your watering bill. Even better, they’ll set your yard apart from others on the block and could end up adding value to your property once established.

Get Smart About Your Watering System
If you’re watering your plants by hand, you’re wasting water. There’s no two ways around this. Instead of continuing to use that cumbersome watering can, invest in sprinklers and drip irrigation systems. When installed by a professional, these systems will keep your garden hydrated without wasting water. Just make sure you invest in timers to schedule your watering sessions when the sun won’t evaporate the water quickly. This will help your plants get the most out of each watering session every time the system turns on.

Need Advice?
Turning your landscaping into a drought resistant powerhouse takes time and dedication. If you’re not sure where to start or want a dedicated professional to help you create a functional and long-lasting design, reach out. Schedule an estimate and see how easy it will be to keep your plants growing strong. 
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