Signs You Have Drainage Issues in Your Denver Landscape Design

May 1 2020

All landscape designs need some amount of water to grow and thrive. While the exact amount varies from yard to yard, getting too much water can be a serious problem for your plants. But did you know that overwatering isn’t always caused by a failure in your sprinkler system or forgetting that you watered for the last four days in a row? Sometimes, it just comes down to inadequate drainage on your property. This is something that’s relatively easy to fix, but you need to know what to look for in the first place. Here are a few tell-tale signs of drainage issues that your trusted Denver landscaper wants you to watch for. 

Soft Spots In Your Lawn
When properly watered, your lawn should be soft beneath your feet, but that doesn’t mean it should be soggy. Take a walk around your yard and pay attention to the way the ground feels. If you feel your feet sinking deeper into the lawn or hear a strange squelching noise when you step, you’ve got drainage issues that need to be fixed. Otherwise, the roots will start to mold and when they do, your lawn won’t look as pristine as you want it to. Call your landscaping contractor and let them investigate. You likely have a blocked drainage point in your yard and once they clean it out, you should be in good shape. 

Moving Mulch
Ordinarily, mulch works to prevent erosion around your plants. It stays put even during rain and windstorms, but it can float away if you have drainage issues in your yard. If you notice that your mulch keeps moving away from the spots where you spread it initially but can’t figure out how or why, it’s likely that you have poor drainage. Your landscaping professional should be able to find the underlying cause and fix the problem quickly. 

Rapidly Growing Plants By Your House
It’s normal to have plants around the perimeter of your house. It helps hide awkward joints and components that you don’t want people to see when they drive by. However, those plants should always grow at a relatively consistent rate. If you notice that some are growing more quickly than others but you haven’t changed your watering habit, it’s likely due to drainage issues around the base of your house. Get this taken care of immediately. If you let the issue go unchecked, you’ll end up doing serious damage to your home’s foundation. 

Get Help Now
If you think your yard has a drainage issue, don’t wait for the yard to dry out. Schedule an appointment with our team and let us take a look. We’ll be able to find the cause of your drainage issues and find a way to keep it from becoming a problem again. At Wild Irishman Tree and Landscape, we believe that every home’s landscaping should be beautiful, functional, and easy to take care of. Don’t let major issues keep you from being able to enjoy your landscaping. Just give us a call and let us help.
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