Denver Landscaping Service Shares How to Beautify Your Yard During the Winter

November 20, 2019

Snowy days are beautiful, but after the powder starts to melt, it’s normal to feel that your yard is a little dreary. Your plants aren’t blooming and you’re stuck inside looking for ways to keep warm and entertained since you can’t enjoy the sunshine outdoors. Though the weather may keep you from being able to enjoy your yard, that doesn’t mean you should let it go over the winter months. With a little creativity, you may be able to keep your yard looking beautiful and trendy. Here are a few simple ideas from your Denver landscapers to help you breathe new life into your yard.

Put Out Bird Feeders
The cold weather may drive some bird species south until spring, but others stay in the state year-round. Give those birds a little helping hand by leaving out bird feeders for them to enjoy. You’ll not only get to help them stay happy and healthy during the cold months, but you’ll also get to enjoy their antics right in your yard. You might even attract a few other animals who can liven up your space even when it’s covered in snow. If you’re worried about pests, hang the bird feeders off the ground with a decorative stake to keep it away from your house. This will reduce the risk of pests getting into your attic.

Make Use of Your Lighting
Outdoor lighting is a great way to highlight certain parts of your yard and you can have fun with it during the winter months. Switch out the standard bulbs for colorful options and bathe your yard in the colors of the season. For best results, use outdoor-rated LED bulbs. These will help keep your energy bills low and won’t transfer tons of heat to your plants, potentially disrupting their hibernation. Just make sure your homeowners association won’t have any issues with it. The last thing you want to do is get fined just because you wanted to add a little color in the dead of winter. 

Add Potted Evergreens
If you already have established evergreens in your yard, you’re lucky. You get to enjoy that added pop of color year-round. But if you don’t have evergreens like pine trees or juniper on your property, don’t despair. Pick up some smaller evergreens that can stay in their pots for the winter. With careful grooming and trimming, you can keep these evergreens small enough to stay in the pots indefinitely. Or you can let them grow and eventually transfer them to your yard. Either way, you’ll add a brilliant touch of green that can liven up any property no matter what the weather is like. 

Use Your Imagination
There’s no end to the things you can do to add color and flair to your winter landscaping. You just need to think outside of the box and be willing to try new types of decorations. If you’re still not sure what to do or want help caring for your evergreens this winter, contact our team today. We’ll help you make sure your yard can survive the harsh winter weather and be ready to bounce right back in spring. 
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