4 Easy Wintertime Denver Landscaping Tips to Protect Your Yard

October 23, 2019

The chill is in the air now and snow is just a few weeks away. We all love the fluffy stuff and with an average of 60 inches of snow each year, we get to enjoy it plenty! But that doesn’t mean you should stop caring for your home’s landscaping. You still need to care for your plants even when they’re not growing. But if you’re like most homeowners, you’re not quite sure where to start. Before you put in a panicked call to your trusted Denver landscaping service, make sure you implement these simple tips.

Get a Sprinkler System Blowout
Your sprinkler system sends water where it needs to go across your yard, but that also means you have running water right beneath your beautiful lawn. When the temps drop and the water freezes in those pipes, it expands and can create a major issue come springtime. Schedule a blowout with your irrigation specialist and get rid of the excess water before winter is in full swing. 

Be Mindful of the Types of Ice-Melt You Use
Ice-melt is a great way to clear your driveway and walkways. But if you choose the wrong type, you could end up scorching your lawn and ruining the pH of the soil your landscaping depends on. When choosing an ice-melt, look for ones that are specifically safe for use around plants. These are free of harsh chemicals and are often salt-free so the soil composition can stay healthy during the winter months. 

Mulch Your Beds
Denver gets cold in the winter and those cold temperatures penetrate well into the soil. Over the course of the winter, this can put your landscaping at risk for long-term damage. Remember, when the roots freeze and die, they won’t be able to transmit the nutrients your plants need once the growing season starts. You’ll end up needing to replace those plants just to get your landscaping back up to snuff. 

Protect those plants and perennials by spreading a layer of mulch over your garden beds. The mulch insulates the soil and helps keep the air temperatures from penetrating as deeply. If you’re not comfortable spreading it yourself, don’t panic. Just call your landscaping service and schedule an appointment.

Shake Off Snow-Laden Trees
When the snow is light and dry, it tends to fall off trees and bushes quickly. But when it’s wet and heavy, the snow sticks and all that weight puts strain on the limbs. If you notice low-hanging limbs sagging or straining under the weight of the snow, shake them off. Use a broom to gently shove the snow off the branches until they spring back up. This will help prevent premature breakage and helps keep your trees looking great all winter long. 

Winter Landscaping Doesn’t Have to Be Hard
Winter landscaping tasks can take time, but they’re well worth taking care of throughout the season. If you find yourself unable to manage on your own or just aren’t sure how to properly care for your plants, contact us to schedule an appointment. 
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