Should you incorporate a landscape pond? Your Denver landscaping company has the answer.

October 9, 2019

Are you working through designing your landscaping? Or maybe you are working through planning for next year? We have compiled our key benefits that landscaping ponds bring to your area. Remember, if you are still unsure about incorporating a pond we are always here to help. As your Denver landscaping company, Wild Irishman is here to give you the service you deserve at prices that work for your budget. 

 Here are the three benefits of adding a landscaping pond to your design: 

One of the most obvious benefits is the beauty that a pond can bring to your landscape. Ponds don’t have to be a huge feature either, it’s easy to incorporate one into your landscape without going over the top. The small addition of some rocks and cascades will add immense beauty to your pond even if it is still water. Still water allows for your surrounding trees and plants to be reflected, and you might be able to have fish in your pond! 

If you choose to not utilize your pond for wildlife, it can be a great place for water storage. While we don’t recommend drinking water from the pond - it can be a great place to catch and store water to use for watering your lawn or plants. The correctly constructed pond will help catch and hold water, as well as serve as a beautiful addition to your landscaping. 

Home Value
Adding a water feature to your landscaping will not only increase your home value, but increase the curb appeal. Some studies suggest that if you have two homes with the exact same landscaping, the home with a water feature will have a higher home value and will be more likely to sell. Who doesn’t want to raise their home value, while incorporating a sense of relaxation and tranquility? 

No matter your project, remember that you can contact Wild Irishman if you need any additional assistance or have questions. We can help with a variety of different projects and are here to give you A+ service, and help you create the beautiful yard of your dreams. From landscaping design, water service, maintenance and paving - we have all the services you need to achieve your perfect lawn. Contact us as soon as you can to make an appointment or to get a free quote! 
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