Four tips for fall lawn care, from your Denver landscaping company

September 11, 2019

Can you believe it? The summer is nearly over. While most love fall because of the cooling temperatures - it does create a new set of lawn problems that will require some additional care. Taking care of your Denver lawn year round is essential - especially if you’d like a good growing season in the spring. Here are our four tips for taking care of your Denver lawn in the fall from your trusted Denver landscaping company

Some people are intimidated by aeration, particularly because it feels unnatural to poke holes in your lawn. However, aeration is essential in growing a healthy and strong lawn! When you aerate your lawn, you give your lawn the opportunity to breathe, and give fertilizer the opportunity to strengthen your lawn. Due to mild temperatures, fall is a great time to aerate your lawn. You can aerate yourself (just renting a machine) or you can hire your local Denver landscapers to tackle the job.

You might not notice a lot of growth in your grass in the fall, but continuing to mow is still important even in the fall months. As always, when you mow we recommend you leave the grass clippings in the yard to help your lawn mature and grow. While mowing towards the end of the season, be sure to clip the grass to the lowest possible setting to ensure that the last remaining sunlight of the growing season can reach your roots. 

Fall is a great time to fertilize your lawn - the top parts of the grass won’t grow as quickly as they do in the spring/summer, but the fertilizer will be able to reach the deep roots of the grass. Fertilizing grass is a fantastic way to grow strong grass, and keep your lawn looking fantastic for the last growing months. Additionally, with some fertilization your grass will be prepped for the spring.

Because of the mild temperatures, fall is the perfect time to seed the bald spots in your lawn. By seeding the bald spots, you’re giving your grass a chance to grow in conditions that are more favorable for survival. Just remember, when you lay grass seed it’s important to cover the seed with some dirt. This will give the seeds a safe place to grow, prevent wash away, and also encourage germination. 

When preparing your lawn for the fall, it’s important to take your time and take care! But always remember that you can contact Wild Irishman if you need any additional assistance or have questions - we are here to give you A+ service, and help you create the beautiful yard of your dreams. From landscaping design, water service, maintenance and paving - we have all the services you need to achieve your perfect lawn. Contact us as soon as you can to make an appointment or to get a free quote! 
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