5 trees that will look great in your Denver landscaping

June 26, 2019

As you begin to plan your Denver landscaping project for your home, things can get a little overwhelming. You certainly have a number of options of plants and shrubs that will look fabulous in any design scheme, but have you considered incorporating a tree? We’ve put together our top five tree recommendations you should consider when planting trees - in no particular order. 

Burr Oak
Think carefully before installing this beautiful giant in your yard! This tree is one of the tallest trees on our list - it can grow to be nearly 50 feet tall! The nice thing about the Burr Oak is that it has a moderate growth rate, meaning you’ll get to see the fruits of your labor as long as your stay in your home for a few years. Burr Oak trees have beautiful dark green leaves, and its bark will weather with age - giving the tree character and a beautiful appearance for years to come. Something to consider is that the Burr Oak tree does produce acorns year-round, which would require some additional maintenance throughout the year. 

American Hornbeam
American Hornbeams grow to be approximately 25-30 feet, and also have a moderate growth rate. The most interesting thing about the American Hornbeam, is that it can also grow to be 25-30 feet wide as well (at the top of the tree). With a unique teardrop shape, this tree produces fruit in the fall and has a striking pattern on the bark. 
Kentucky Coffee Tree
Another slow to moderate growing tree, the Kentucky Coffee Tree can grow to be up to 50 feet tall. Full of beautiful green foliage, the Kentucky Coffee Tree is perfect for those who love the appearance of full and green trees throughout the year, and love a good fall color change. The Kentucky Coffee Trees blooms beautiful white flowers in early summer that have a light fragrance.

Japanese Tree Lilac
This feature tree is perfect for the front of your yard! Japanese Tree Lilac trees can grow to be 25-30 feet tall, and are relatively low-maintenance. The globe shape of the tree allows for beautiful white flowers to bloom starting in mid-summer, and this fragrance is truly alluring. The white flowers truly pop against the deep green leaves, and after 2-3 years of consistent watering they even become drought-tolerant.  

Sycamore Tree
A landscaper’s favorite - the Sycamore tree has a full and beautiful globe-shape at the top and the bark often flakes off leaving a recognizable gray, greenish-white surface. Sycamore’s can grow to be massive (up to 130 feet) - which requires careful thought and planning before committing. Sycamore trees also grow sticky green buds, which can be pesky, but the splendor of the sycamore tree is well worth it!

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