Six tips for Denver landscaping design

June 12, 2019

The warmer months are here, which makes a designing beautiful landscaping one of your top priorities. There are several things you should consider and be ready for when working with your Denver landscaping company. But here are our best tips: 

1. Determine what you need and what you want
Think through what you are wanting to do in your yard with your landscaping. We recommend looking through landscaping magazines, searching online, and even reaching out to friends and family to get their suggestions. Sometimes the best inspiration for landscaping design is just driving around and looking at different yards and homes. You’ll find something that you love.

2. Plan things out
Make sure you plan things out when it comes to your landscaping. Are you looking for a functional living space in the backyard? Or perhaps a landscaping design that is mapped and planned around the entire house would be best. Plan out how you are wanting your outdoor space to work for you. 

3. Pick a focal point
Choose a focal point that you want to be at the center of your landscaping. Perhaps it’s a tree, firepit, or even a pergola. If you don’t have a focal point that’s okay, your landscaping company can help you choose one. No matter what, a landscape that flows and works together will be essential in creating a landscaping design that increases your curb appeal. 

4. Stay flexible
While you might come to your landscaper with a plan in mind, stay flexible. A lot goes into landscaping such as climates zones and grow together groups, while you might love those bushes or trees they might not work together or fair well in the Denver climate. Landscaping experts are here to help you choose the best colors and plants for your landscaping. 

5. Keep things in perspective
A good landscaping job will not be completed within a day or two, and sometimes might take even longer. Remember that if your landscaper comes back with a timeline you aren’t expecting. Also keep in mind that landscaping takes time to grow in. It may take a few growing seasons to see the final results you are hoping for.

6. Have a budget in mind
As you prepare to talk with your landscaper, make sure to have a budget in mind. Landscapers will need to know how much you are wanting to spend and how flexible that budget is. When developing a budget, expect to spend 10-15% of your homes total value on landscaping. If you aren’t ready to spend that much, don’t worry! We are here to help you determine a landscaping design that works for you.

Always remember, Wild Irishman is here to give you A+ service, and help you create the beautiful yard of your dreams. From landscaping design, water service, maintenance and paving - we have all the services you need to achieve your perfect lawn. Contact us as soon as you can to make an appointment or to get a free quote! 
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