The importance of incorporating shade in your Denver landscape

May 15, 2019

As you look to revamp your landscaping, take notice of the importance of incorporating shade in your landscape design. Incorporating shade into your Denver landscaping design will help to keep your plants, and grass, shaded from the hot sun. Even plants that should be placed in direct sunlight need a break from the sun every once in awhile, but here are some of the easiest ways you can incorporate shade into your yard. 

The easiest way to add shade, but the most time intensive, would be planting trees in your yard. Trees will cast great shade over your lawn, but unless you purchase mature trees you are in it for the long haul. If you don’t have a lot of yard space, that’s okay. Smaller ornamental trees can assist with a little bit of shade and add some depth to your space.

Adding a Gazebo is a great way to provide shade to yourself, and anyone who chooses to sit outside in your yard. The Gazebo structure itself can also provide some shade to plants immediately surrounding, or those that are housed within the Gazebo. Pavilions are similar to Gazebos, but they also incorporate a canopy into the structure. The pavilion will provide shade similar to that of the Gazebo, but it’s a slightly different look. 

When properly positioned, installing a fence in your yard can provide shade to many of your plants that line your property. Fences when placed next to other structures on your property can add additional shade as well. 

Tall Plants and Bushes 
While not as tall as trees, taller plants and bushes can add a beautiful ornamental piece to your yard, and provide shade for nearby plants and living creatures. These tall plants and bushes can be planted around the perimeter of your yard, patio/deck, or you can plant them in containers around your home.

When incorporating shade in to your lawn, don’t overdo it. All lawns need to have some sunlight exposure in order to thrive. If you are ever unsure or have questions about the best ways to incorporate shade into your landscaping design, please contact Wild Irishman. We are here to give you A+ service, and help you create the beautiful yard of your dreams. From landscaping design, water service, maintenance and paving - we have all the services you need to achieve your perfect lawn. When we work through landscaping design, we will always incorporate shade as appropriate and needed. Contact us as soon as you can to make an appointment or to get a free quote! 
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