Six tips for a perfect Denver summer lawn

May 1, 2019

Summer is just weeks away and the weather is already getting warmer. With the summer weather comes a different set of lawn care problems and needed maintenance. But don’t fear! We are here to help you with your Denver landscaping needs. Check out our six tips to maintaining a perfect lawn this summer.

Water, Water, Water
Yes, during the summer months it will be important to keep your grass hydrated and moisturized, however you must do so carefully! Water your plants less often but more effectively - aim to water in the early morning or evening, before the sun comes out. Watering during the day in the middle of a hot summer sun will actually cause your grass to dry out quicker. Consider investing in a drip irrigation system versus in hoses or sprinklers. A drip irrigation system will water plants and grass slowly overtime. 

Grass Health
Continue to monitor your grass health throughout the summer months - this includes weed pulling, fertilizing, and mowing the grass to the correct length. If you mow grass too short, the grass will dry out and lose its ability to maintain and hold moisture. 

Don’t forget your plants!
When paying attention to your grass, it can be easy to forget all of the beautiful plants you’ve purchased to complete your landscaping, and decorate your lawn patio with. Be sure you are watering your plants as needed, and watching their health as well. Consider investing in plant food and keep an eye out for pesky critters that might devour your plants.

Weed Maintenance
You will likely continue to grow weeds in your lawn throughout the summer. Be sure to monitor weed growth and respond accordingly. If you only have a few weeds here and there, it might be better to get out there and pull them directly. If your lawn is becoming a breeding ground for weeds, you might want to reach out to our experts to help you formulate a plan. Be cautious and careful when using weed killer, it can be easy to use too much and ultimately damage your lawn.

No matter how you decide to handle your weeds, try to do so immediately before they begin to spread. You’ll regret not handling your weed problem sooner if they start to spread like wildfire and you’ll be forced to invest in alternative solutions. 

Mosquito Control
You’ve taken the time to create a beautiful outdoor living space - make sure you can enjoy it! Mosquitos run rampant during the summer, be sure to invest in outdoor mosquito repellent and limit the number of standing water sources you may have around your home. 

Consult a professional
Our team of experts at Wild Irishman is here to help you navigate all of your summer landscaping questions and needs. Our experienced team can help you develop an affordable plan to achieve your dream lawn without the stress and worry.

From landscaping design, water service, maintenance and paving - contact us as soon as you can to make an appointment or to get a free quote
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