Getting Ready for Spring!

By Duane O'Hara - April 11, 2017

Each year we have some early warm weather and it gets us thinking of spring and what to do with your landscape.  Spring is the best time to be thinking about updating your landscape.   Whether you are thinking of redoing that garden area, changing the whole yard or just updating your existing landscape.  Here at Wild Irishman we can help you with your landscape, starting with the design.   With a design we accomplish three things, we save you money time and water.   We save you money by not being wasteful by knowing exactly what plants, patio etc.… are to be included in your landscape.  Without the design things get lost in the installation process and mistakes are made that ultimately cost you money.   We save you time by getting the correct measurements and material. This gives us the ability to relate to the design on the job site, making sure that we will complete the project on time.  We save you water using a design by measuring correctly, his crucial to any landscape project, without proper measurements we are blinding installing things.  With those measurements we can install the proper irrigation system that best fits your landscape.  A lot of landscapes done without a design are just winging it.   Meaning that a lot of guess work is being done, this is where mistakes are made whether it’s too many sprinklers; to many pavers or not enough room all of these cost money and time. 
We know that designs cost money but look at as an investment, you may not see the results right away, but in the long run, it will save you time money and water.  
So now that we know the importance of design work, why give Wild Irishman a call after spring is in the air, and what better way to enjoy it then with a newly designed landscape.  
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