Knowledgeable Landscapers

By Duane O'Hara - January 18, 2017

Knowledgeable Landscapers
If you are not happy with the way a home’s lawns look, then hire creative Denver landscape architects from Wild Irishman Tree & Landscape Inc. A knowledgeable landscaper understands how to use a building’s natural elements to design an area for relaxing and entertaining. With computer software, an architect will develop several plans to update a building’s landscaping.
No Subcontracting
Duane O’Hara has operated Wildman Irishman Tree & Landscape for 15 years as a sustainable business focused on protecting the environment while remodeling decks and patios. To ensure all work is of the highest quality, nothing is subcontracted to other individuals.
Improve Spaces
The Denver landscape architects working for Wild Irishman understand how to improve the appearance of landscaping at large commercial properties such as retail establishments and office buildings. Alternatively, the architects know how to make the most of a small outdoor space located near a private residence.
Different Budgets
No matter whether a client wants a small seating area to enjoy the outdoors or a huge space for cooking meals, Wild Irishman is ready to provide innovative architectural plans for any budget. O’Hara is willing to design plans for small areas that need plants such as shrubs and flowers or huge lawns that require retaining walls and lighting.
Water Elements
The goal of Wild Irishman is to design an outdoor space that is pest free and enjoyable with functional devices such as sprinkler systems, exterior lights and barbecue grills. Beautiful features, including ponds, waterfalls and fountains are often an excellent way to add an additional design element to an outdoor space.
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