How to Make Your Denver Patio Useable This Winter

November 13, 2015

Plenty of people consider their outdoor patio to be the highlight of their home. And while this space gets plenty of time and attention in the warmer months, as the temperatures turn colder it is easy to consider patio season over. However, there are a few things you can do to your Denver patio to make it usable so you can enjoy it in the colder months.
Add A Heat Source
The first and most obvious way to make your outdoor patio winter-friendly is by adding a heat source. Depending on the size of your patio, you have a number of options to choose from. Both tabletop and full-size patio heaters are quiet and a great way to add warmth. These heaters come in a range of sizes and finishes to heat any patio space in style.
Another option is a fire pit or fireplace. These options create a wonderful ambiance and a centralized place to gather for conversation. Whether you opt for a small portable fire pit or a full built-in fireplace, the addition of a heat source like this one will completely change your winter patio experience.
Cover It
Many patios are open and exposed to the elements, which might work for summer but make it nearly impossible to enjoy when it is cold out. Adding coverage to your patio in the form of a roof, tent, or fabric covering will help keep the elements out and trap heat in. To cut down on wind chill, hang removable curtains or floor-length shades to the sides of your patio.
Use Warm Seating
It’s easy to overlook, but adding seat cushions that are waterproof with insulated padding can go a long way to keeping you cozy by retaining your body heat. If your patio furniture is made of wicker, consider adding cushions or covers to the backs so that you don’t feel the effects of the wind through the open weave.
Add Lighting
While the glow from a fireplace is great for ambiance, it might not be sufficient for patio activities. As the days get darker and shorter, be sure to add task lighting in the form of gas torches, electric lanterns, or lamps. However, try to avoid using bright, overhead lighting so you don’t lose the cozy ambiance of your Denver patio.
Fall Decor
Once you have the basics covered, adding fall-themed decor is the final step to fully setting the mood. Consider one of these 10 winter-friendly plants for your outdoor space and add some pumpkins, scented candles, and other seasonal decor. And don’t forget to bring out a few warm blankets for people to grab.
These options make it easy to enjoy patios and decks all year round. Once you have your outdoor space prepped and ready for colder weather, invite friends and family over to enjoy great conversation in your cozy outdoor patio. Need help preparing your patio for winter? Give us a call and we will help you create the best outdoor patio for you to enjoy all year long.
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