Denver Landscape Design Tips for a Small Front Yard

Having a small front yard can feel limiting, but it doesn’t have to be. With some careful planning and the right details, you can easily create the best Denver landscape design for your front yard. Below are five things to consider when creating your perfect small outdoor space.


Use proper proportions. If you’re working with a small front yard, be sure to take proportions into consideration. If you utilize oversized trees in the front of your house, for instance, you run the risk of hiding much of the space and making it feel more crowded than welcoming. By sticking with a few dwarf and ornamental trees, you can add a bit of privacy to your front yard without making it feel cluttered.


Skip the grass. While grass is the classic landscape of choice, a small yard is the perfect opportunity to skip the grass and bring in some xeriscaping options. Consider creating a walkway or small patio made with larger stones, then fill in the space with with pea gravel or pebbles as a groundcover. This is a great option for creating an inviting, beautiful design that is also low maintenance and drought-friendly.


Go vertical. Adding height to your small front yard is a great way to help it feel larger. Vertical planters, vine-covered lattices, and espalier fruit trees are fantastic options for adding interest to the space without taking up too much room or adding bulk. Another option is to build raised plant areas using either retaining walls or full raised beds. These hardscape features are a great way to create more visual interest to the space you’re already working with.


Get colorful with flowers. Bold, colorful flowers are the best way to give your small front yard big impact. Line your walkway with some pretty blooms, plant a bountiful row of bright flowers along the front edge of your yard, or go with some hanging flowers along the front of your home. To keep the small space from looking disjointed, stick with five to seven species of flowers. This will give your yard a cohesive, pleasing appearance that makes the most of the limited space.


Add a personal touch. Your front yard is an extension of your home and, as such, it should look unique to you. If you have a favorite flower or color, be sure to incorporate that into the design. If you’re drawn to garden gnomes or wind chimes, then add those elements as well. The space is yours and you should strive to make it feel personal.

With these things in mind, you’ll be able to properly utilize the small space you have to create an  eye-catching front yard you can be proud of. If the idea of taking on your own landscape project feels overwhelming, let us help with that. We can create a custom Denver landscape design that is tailored to your specific situation and fits within your budget. Contact The Wild Irishman today and let’s get started on your landscape project together.
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