Fall and Winter Watering Tips For Your Denver Lawn

Winter Lawn Care, Winter Watering, Sprinkler Blow Out

Now that fall in Colorado is upon us, many of us are concerned with the first frost and know to turn off our sprinkler systems. While this is essential to avoid a potentially messy and costly problem from a burst pipe or water line, sprinkler system blow-out is not the only landscape maintenance that homeowners should consider in the fall months.

Year round maintenance is essential to any Denver landscaping and winter watering is often overlooked. Winter in Colorado brings with it some of the driest months of the year and many plants, both deciduous and evergreen, require supplemental water in order to survive. Did you know that extended dry periods during the fall and winter can cause injury or even death to parts of plant root systems? It’s also important to keep in mind that once plants become weakened, they become more susceptible to diseases. In order to maintain the health of your Denver lawn and plants, it’s important to know and when and how much to water. Many plants are subjected to root damage because they don’t have access to any underground water system since their roots are shallow.  Follow these watering guidelines to ensure your garden, trees, and grass stays healthy all year round:
  • Water only when the temperature is above 40 degrees with no snow cover
  • Water your lawn mid-day to allow time for it to soak in and so it doesn’t freeze at night
  • Water deeply one to two times a month. This is recommended for grass when there are extended dry periods without snow cover
  • If your lawn is in direct sunlight or in a windy area, your lawn may require additional watering. Watering properly is the best defense against late winter mite damage.
  • Newly planted trees and shrubs should be watered with a slow trickle from a garden hose for roughly an hour
  • Lawn sprinklers may be used for established trees since their roots are generally shallow
  • When watering young trees, the most important area is halfway between the trunk and several feet beyond the drip line
  • Pay close attention to new grass as they are particularly prone and susceptible to damage in dry weather
With Colorado’s low precipitation and fluctuating temperatures your lawn and plants can take a beating. Watering is a crucial step for keeping your plants and landscape beautiful for the seasons to come. Even though the air is chilly, make sure you give your lawn the full attention and care it needs to help it through the winter season.

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