Summer is winding down

Colorful Landscape

By Duane O'Hara - September 17, 2015

The  cooler autumn air is easieron plants and gardners, and it is a great time to plants trees and perenials. Warm soil and cooler temperatures are good for establishing new plants. While the soil is still warm it will allow the roots a foothold and establish before winter.
The heat can make flower beds unatractive, new plantings now with colorful fall blooming plants will refresh your containers and garden beds with beautiful colors.
Flowering Kale has colrful leaves and a unique beauty, they really stand out as the weather cools.
Dont forget your winter watering it is important! Colorado has those cold snowy days but, we can also get warmer sunny days in the mid 50's during winter time. This is a good time to do your winter watering, and will help your plants survival and growth come Spring time.
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