Keep your landscape tip-top

Tip-top landscape all year long

By Duane O'Hara - February 13, 2015

We have had some remarkable weather here in Denver, Coloroado! It has been great being able to create more beautiful landscapes, and we hope you have enjoyed being able to keep up on your landscapes as well. 

For the month of February we have a few tips to keep your landscape looking great. Try cleaning up leaves and yard debris. Check trees and shrubs for pruning, remove broken branches that cross an my be damaged. reapply mulch that may have thinned. When conditions are dry like they have been here is Denver, water evergreens, and newly planted diciduous trees/shrubs once this month. Water if the soil is dry and only when we have warm weather expected for a few days. Flowers, perennials, ground covers, and grasses should be cut back that have not been cut back from Fall. Add mulch to the beds to conserve water and slow early spring growth. 

your lawn may need some water too, especially if they are under large trees. Watering when weather is warm for a few days. 

Wild Irishman Tree & Landscape hopes everyone is looking forward to a great spring. We are getting excited about our landscape designs, and the upcoming landscape projects that we have scheduled. 


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