Custom Landscaping

Deigns for Denver

By Duane O'Hara - February 6, 2015

The Wild Irishman has a variety of custom landscaping designs for Denver residents and businesses. Outside kitchens, patios and decks all help create a focal point to enjoy a view, pond or garden. Custom landscaping options highlight those features that make each property unique. This provides the luxurious relaxation and entertainment area that many look for when purchasing or selling a home, building or lot. 

Families benefit from custom landscaping designs for their properties. These features are noninvasive and help keep your lawn healthy and strong while maximizing its usage. Customizing the plant life and using sustainable materials allow for continued growth and enjoyment. These practices extend their usage while reducing the amount of maintenance and repairs needed. The various “green” solutions available help protect the environment, your family and the community without the use of pesticides, contaminants and dangerous pollutants.
Whether it is an interest in sustainable urban gardening or maximizing outdoor living, the Wild Irishman will use the best possible methods needed to provide custom landscaping designs for Denver properties and homes. By offering before and after photos, it is easy to see what the results will be right from the start. No need to second-guess choices or decisions, the proof is readily available. 
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