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By Duane O'Hara - April 21, 2017

Knowledgeable Landscapers
If you are not happy with the way a home’s lawns look, then hire creative Denver landscape architects from Wild Irishman Tree & Landscape Inc. A knowledgeable landscaper understands how to use a building’s natural elements to design an area for relaxing and entertaining. With computer software, an architect will develop several plans to update a building’s landscaping.
No Subcontracting
Duane O’Hara has operated Wildman Irishman Tree & Landscape for 20 years as a sustainable business focused on protecting the environment while remodeling decks and patios. To ensure all work is of the highest quality, nothing is subcontracted to other individuals.
Improve Spaces
The Denver landscape architects working for Wild Irishman understand how to improve the appearance of landscaping at large commercial properties such as retail establishments and office buildings. Alternatively, the architects know how to make the most of a small outdoor space located near a private residence.
Different Budgets
No matter whether a client wants a small seating area to enjoy the outdoors or a huge space for cooking meals, Wild Irishman is ready to provide innovative architectural plans for any budget. O’Hara is willing to design plans for small areas that need plants such as shrubs and flowers or huge lawns that require retaining walls and lighting.
Water Elements
The goal of Wild Irishman is to design an outdoor space that is pest free and enjoyable with functional devices such as sprinkler systems, exterior lights and barbecue grills. Beautiful features, including ponds, waterfalls and fountains are often an excellent way to add an additional design element to an outdoor space.


By Duane O'Hara - April 17, 2017

Landscape Design Services in Denver
If you’re trying to find top-notch Denver landscape design, then Wild Irishman Tree & Landscape is able to come to your rescue. Our company specializes both in xeriscapes and landscape designs. If your property is in need of professional assistance in customized decks, customized patios, yard design, outdoor kitchens or anything else along those lines, then Wild Irishman is available to provide you with the reliable helping hand you deserve so much. Ground maintenance is yet another strong focus of our company.In business for 18 years, Wild Irishman has been making our dedicated customers happy and satisfied for that entire time. We cater to the landscaping needs of people who reside in the city of Denver and in nearby metro areas alike. Our company takes on all types of diverse tasks. Whether you need landscaping assistance for a major commercial job or for a tiny residential one, we’re at your service.
If you’re interested in A+ quality, Wild Irishman is the landscaping company for you. Since we never employ sub-contractors, our customers can always rest assured knowing that they’re receiving first-rate services. Our absolute lack of sub-contractors also helps us be as prompt and efficient as possible in our working style — a serious benefit to all of our beloved customers. The devoted professionals on our staff are all highly seasoned and knowledgeable in the fields of xeriscapes and landscape design.
People on a quest for a beautiful yard in Denver can feel comfortable depending on our company’s quality landscaping services. If you’re considering recruiting us for our terrific landscaping expertise, call us immediately to make an appointment or to get a free quote.

Getting Ready for Spring!

By Duane O'Hara - April 11, 2017

Each year we have some early warm weather and it gets us thinking of spring and what to do with your landscape.  Spring is the best time to be thinking about updating your landscape.   Whether you are thinking of redoing that garden area, changing the whole yard or just updating your existing landscape.  Here at Wild Irishman we can help you with your landscape, starting with the design.   With a design we accomplish three things, we save you money time and water.   We save you money by not being wasteful by knowing exactly what plants, patio etc.… are to be included in your landscape.  Without the design things get lost in the installation process and mistakes are made that ultimately cost you money.   We save you time by getting the correct measurements and material. This gives us the ability to relate to the design on the job site, making sure that we will complete the project on time.  We save you water using a design by measuring correctly, his crucial to any landscape project, without proper measurements we are blinding installing things.  With those measurements we can install the proper irrigation system that best fits your landscape.  A lot of landscapes done without a design are just winging it.   Meaning that a lot of guess work is being done, this is where mistakes are made whether it’s too many sprinklers; to many pavers or not enough room all of these cost money and time. 
We know that designs cost money but look at as an investment, you may not see the results right away, but in the long run, it will save you time money and water.  
So now that we know the importance of design work, why give Wild Irishman a call after spring is in the air, and what better way to enjoy it then with a newly designed landscape.  


By Duane O'Hara - March 31, 2017

We talk to many clients who say they have not started improvements to their landscaping because the prospect is overwhelming to them. Many people believe they need to spend 30 or 40 thousand dollars on a project to be worth while. It is true that larger projects do start to add up. But you do not have to spend Jr’s college fund to start some small landscaping enhancements. Just make a list of some small things you think would make your property look better and possibly increase the value as well.
To help you come up with some ideas that are both affordable and difference makers, I will throw out some tips. Start with one small corner section of your backyard. Perhaps just a few pavers, some decorative river rock, and a big planter filled with various colorful flowers is a good way to start. Those items will not break the bank and will help you gain momentum toward your next tiny project.
A fire pit is not out of reach for do-it- yourselfers and not a financial burden even if the work is hired out. Add some gravel or mulch to surround the pit and grab some nice looking lawn chairs. That little slice of heaven can be created in about one day if you do not get too complicated. If you are doing it yourself, just plan it properly so you do not have to fix something in the end.
A water pond may seem like a daunting project, but it does not have to be that way. A small pond will not be too expensive for most homeowners to invest in and the pond does not have to eat up too much space. If you choose to do a water feature on your own, you can go super minimalist and get it done in a few hours. Just watch a couple of how to videos online and drop by your home improvement store to grab a few items and you are set.
Those are just a few ways to get going on your landscape. Use your imagination and you will have more projects than you can shake a shovel at before long. Lots of small landscaping improvements add up to an overall better landscape. That is a much better plan than waiting years on that big overhaul

Denver Landscaping Help

By Duane O'Hara - March 24, 2017

Most Landscapers in Denver really try and do a good job.  There are some who can’t through lack of experience or improper tools.  Wild Irishman has been a landscaper in Denver for 18 years, and we have had our bumps and our bruises, just like any landscaping company in the area.  When you are getting ready to sign up for a landscaping job, here are some things you should keep in mind.
Get plans – Yes they cost some to make, but the cost of the plans are often deducted if the price is high enough on the job.  Having plans helps to ensure the project goes as you expect and you won’t be disappointed with the final result.
Make sure you communicate – Some times you may be gone from the house or there are other contractors who need to be onsite.  Make sure everyone is able to do their work.
Don’t worry about getting a few quotes.  You need to be comfortable.  Get as many landscaping quotes as you need.
When you are putting together your landscaping plan, make sure to think about the space in both day and night.
Wild Irishman would love to work with you to beautify your outdoor living space.  We have been landscaping in the Denver metro for over 18 years so we have the experience to make you a raving fan.