Lawn Maintenance

Since 1999 Wild Irishman has been providing protective maintenance to Denver area lawns. We understand that your lawn & landscape is a big investment that it’s important to take care of.

We provide several services that will not only enhance your landscape but, protect your investment year after year.

  • Weekly lawn care
  • Spring/fall aeration with over seed
  • Tree and shrub trimming
  • Annual bulb planting
  • Irrigation repair and maintenance
  • Fertilization
  • Spring clean up
  • Fall clean up
  • Sprinkler turn on, and fall winterization
  • Monthly maintenance for weed control and landscape bedding.
  • Weed control
  • Rototilling
  • Building vegetable boxes for sustainable gardening
  • Bobcat service (grading) (April 15th - October 15th)
  • Snow removal service

We offer complete lawn care packages depending on your needs we will be able to customize your plan to your landscape - FILL OUT CONTACT FORM FOR DETAILS

Weekly lawn care- In Colorado it is usually between 25-26 weeks. March 21st- October 1st

Mowing- We use commercial grade 4-cycle Toro mulching lawn mowers that are unsurpassed for thieri quality of cut.

Edging- Your lawn will be edged the first cut in the spring and then will be edged with an 8” steel blade as needed.

String Trimming- We string trim around your borders , fences, trees and obstacles in your lawn.

Blowing- We blow sidewalks and other concrete areas clear of clippings upon completion.

Clippings- All grass clippings will be caught and removed from your property. If at any time you would like the yard mulched, please give us a 48 hour notice.   

Bobcat Services- Dirt, Rock, Concrete, Bobcat skid steer, loader excavation materials rocks, Bobcat grading, Decks, Fencing, Patio, Brush, Grade slopes, Bobcat cut in retaining wall, Back fill,  Sod scrape, French drain swale, Gravel dump, Topsoil, Fill dirt smooth bucket, and Asphalt grade. Trenching for electrical, gas and plumbing lines.  

Spring Aeration and Spring cleanup

We use only natural products that are environmentally and pet friendly. We recommend (4) fertilizations to provide a green thick healthy lawn and insect free. We ensure a green lawn that will keep out weeds and in the fall provide a fertilization that will feed the lawn all winter lawn and provide deep root development.

We recommend a professional irrigation turn on. We will turn on your irrigation system and inspect each zone for proper coverage. Leak detection, and adjust nozzles to ensure proper precipitation thus lowering your water usage so you will have a sustainable lawn and landscape.

We will set your controller, your lawns special needs. (vegetable beds, drip zones, and turf zones)

Sprinkler repairs consist of remove / replace of failed vacuum breaker,  ball valves, cracked manifold valves systems. We offer a 3 year warranty based on a signed maintenance contract that we will maintain your system for 3 years.  

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What Clients Have to Say

Not only that he did everything exactly like I wanted... The yark looks SO much nicer now and the work was done less expensive than the other 3 quotes I got.

Jessica C.

They went above and beyond what was promised, turning an old lot into a beautiful, updated, easily maintained, colorful landscape design.

Carrie Cutter

I am a tough client and I was really please with Duane and his crew. He made extra trips to my house to make sure everything was up to my ridiculous standards.

Sarah F.